A Week in the Life: Friday

4:30: Camryn wakes up and eats.  My eyes hurt since I stayed up until midnight last night.

5:00: Back asleep.

6:45: Logan climbs in my bed.  He needs orange juice, pronto.

7:05: Connor joins us.  We lounge around watching a bit of Franklin.

7:15: Breakfast for Connor.  Muffin, yogurt, and cinnamon toast crunch.  He was hungry this morning!  Breakfast is interrupted by the garbage truck, and the boys run to the front yard to watch and wave.

7:40: Camryn wakes up.

7:50: Take Connor to school.

8:15: Home.  Call the insurance company about our claim for hurricane damage.  Feed Camryn.  Logan watches Jack’s Big Music Show.

9:00: Talk to Kathy (sis-in-law) on the phone.  Logan plays with play-doh.

9:45: Eat breakfast.  Maple and brown sugar oatmeal and coffee.  Logan eats some applesauce.

10:00: Get ready for playgroup.  We’re going to Fun Max today, which is an indoor jumping place.  Logan eats a baggie of honey nut cheerios in the car on the way.  He is a Master Grazer.

10:40: Arrive at Fun Max.

1:20: Leave Fun Max and head to Wendy’s for lunch with our friends.  I have a Chicken BLT Salad and Diet Coke, Logan has his standard meal: chicken nuggets with french fries and ketchup and chocolate milk.  He requests that meal every single day. (Not from any particular place.  He loves those food items with his whole heart.)

2:15: Get Logan’s hair cut.  I cut it shorter than normal, and I think it looks so cute!  I also get my eyebrows waxed.  It was long overdue.

2:45: Home.  Feed Camryn, clean up breakfast mess, start a load of laundry.

3:15: Get Connor off the bus.  Yellow day today. The boys watch Sonic X, I pick up the house a bit more, and get ready to go to the gym.

4:15: Head to the gym.  I did 40 minutes on the elliptical and 25 minutes of weights.

5:40: Home.  Catch up with Derek about our day.  Boys play in the backyard.

6:10: Start dinner.

6:20: Pause making dinner to feed Camryn.  She goes straight to bed because she didn’t have any good, solid naps today.

7:00: Eat dinner.  Cheese tortellini and french bread.

7:20: Boys play in the backyard.

8:00: Boys in the bath tub.  I start another load of laundry.

8:30: Boys in bed.  Derek watches Smallville, I blog and catch up on blogs.

Evening plans:  maybe scrapbook, maybe watch a movie, maybe watch the Thursday night shows that are tivoed.  Pick up the hosue a bit more because even though I try to throughout every single day, somehow it’s still a wreck tonight.

(I’ll add pictures later.  I didn’t take very many today.)

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  1. I agree with Nicole. I’d love to have new recipes and yours do sound good. I read on Maggie’s blog that you’ll be here next week. Maybe we’ll get to see each other, finally! Love you.


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