An oldie but a goodie

Need a little bit of Christmas cheer? This ought to do it!

I can’t get over how little he was! He’s grown SO much in the last 2 years. (It’s a video in case it isn’t showing up on a reader.)

Or maybe this cozy little princess will make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

I love my Christmas tree.  There is nothing like the evenings when the house is all quiet, Derek and I are relaxing, and I get to look at this.

Tonight, Derek and I also did this.

I want you to know something about the above picture.   We were making smores over the fireplace, which if you havn’t done this season, you should.  I had the tripod out to take some tree pictures, so I turned it around to capture us.  Oh, and capture us it did.  It captured my undies, to be exact.  Apparently, I need to be a little careful with how I sit in the pants.  Nothing makes you feel cooler than seeing a big wad of granny panty hanging out the top of your wind pants.  Awesome.

The other night, we were cozy inside while it looked like this outside.

I still can’t believe it snowed in Houston!

I hope you all have a cozy, Christmas-y weekend.

9 Replies to “An oldie but a goodie”

  1. I remember that video from the last time you posted it, and it was just as funny the second time around! I LOVE the picture of you and Derek sitting by the fire. It’s so cute.

  2. Ok that was like the coziest, sweetest post ever!! I am so in the Christams mood now:)
    My favorite part of the singing was when he decided to direct himself with his arms!! That rocked:)

  3. I love reading your blog….yes I am a blog stalker but you’re a friend of Shauna’s…so its kind of like we’re friends too. What kind of camera do you have? I love the pics you take…they are so great.

  4. Oh she looks so warm and cozy. Love smores…great idea, Chris and I should do this. Thanks for the tip…I’ll make sure too that I don’t show my undies *wink*. You’re so funny Meg.

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