Number 9

December 18, 1999

December 18th-ish, 2008

On this, our 9th year as Mr. and Mrs., I didn’t get to see my love.  But he is home now (I’m not publishing this until he gets home, so if you are a stalker, my man is here to protect me now!)  And it’s vacation time!  17 days of no work, no school, family time, Christmas time, and fun!

In honor of our 9th year, here are 9 of my favorite mwt and dwt memories. (in no particular order)

1. December 24, 2002; March 22, 2005; July 13, 2008.  The days our love was tangible in the form of our babies.

2. Our cruise in the spring of 2004.  It was the first big vacation we took together, and I loved every second of it.

3. Until we had kids, we went out to eat and to a movie almost every weekend.  I loved it. Weekly date night.

4. He asked me to marry him by carving it into a tree.

5. Playing sports together, just the two of us.  In college, we played raquetball.  We went through a tennis phase.  We threw the football and played volleyball in the parking lot adjacent to our first apartment.  We played soccer where I was the goalie and he tried to score on me.  We worked out at the Cal Tech gym together.

6. His infamous garlic pasta.  He surprised me with dinner once during our first year, which was so sweet.  Only he didn’t realize that a clove of garlic wasn’t the entire head of garlic.  We stunk for days and days…it still makes me laugh and it’s one of those stories that we talk about all the time.

7. Shopping for our first house together.  After 6 years of graduate school and itty bitty apartment living, I felt like a queen buying our first house.

8. Our itty bitty apartments.  Such warm and fuzzy feelings when I think about 15B Champion, 17 Champion, and 1001 E. Villa #4 and #11.

9. The few times we drove between California and Texas.  Seeing how much I hate long car rides, it’s weird that this would make the list.  But being on a long car ride with my favorite person in the world is alright, and even a little bit fun.

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  1. Happy Anniversary. Did you know that is Brad Pitt’s birthday as well? Well, now you do.

    Also, I wanted to tell you that my Kroger’s has a new health food section and it has everything I need, so I don’t know about your Kroger. My Kroger has great snacks and soy milk and cheese, etc. and then I go to Whole Foods for the harder to find things.

    Happy and Healthy Holiday’s to you!

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