I wore a patch when I was a kid

I had a lazy eye, and I remember that I had to wear a patch to try to strengthen my bad eye.  That was sometime around 1985-ish.

I thought I was going to have to relive my patch days, but opthamolagy has come a long way.  Turns out that they have bandages now that look just like a contact lens.  You want to know how I know this?

This little peanut:

Did this to me yesterday.

(click if you want to see the ugliest pictue ever even bigger.)

The story: I was walking along, and Camryn’s little finger (which apparently had a razor attached to the end of it) poked right into my unsuspecting eye.  Let me just say that it hurt like a you-know-what and I had a really hard time contorlling my tongue as I crumbled to the ground.  3 hours later, I could still not open my eye and couldn’t find any relief from the pain, so I called the family doctor, my brother.  He said I needed to go see an eye doctor, and hooked me up with an appointment.  But unfortunately, there were no openings (even with the “I’m an ER doctor” string pulling…) until this morning.  I really wasn’t sure how I was going to manage through the night.  But luckily, we had a vicodin left over from something…ah, sweet mind numbing relief.  Me and Vic were friends last night, and I am so grateful that I hadn’t cleaned out the medicine cabinet recently.

I woke up this morning to an eye that still wouldn’t open, and still in pain.  It was slightly better than yesterday, but I was still miserable.  I finally got called back to see the doctor, and the first thing he did was put numbing drops in my eye.  I wanted to hug the man.  It’s like when you are in the throws of labor and you taste the sweet nectar of the epidural.

I have a corneal abrasion, and in the words of the doctor, “she really got you good!”  He used tweezers to remove some tissue, put in a contact lens bandage, hooked me up with two different kinds of eye drops, scheduled me for follow up on Friday, and sent me on my merry way.  And merry I was.  Those numbing drops didn’t wear off for another hour. (and the whole time he was removing tissue from my eye ball, I just kept thinking about how amazingly steady his hand was!  I was super impressed…and thankful for that steady hand!)

Tonight, it’s better but still sore.  Now it just feels like the aftermath of when you get something in your eye and rub it a lot.  The most annoying thing is I can’t see very well.  My right eye is my strong eye, and it’s the injured one.  Even with my glasses on, everything is still blurry.  And my eyes get really tired quickly.  Just typing this has made my eyes tired.  And I’m super duper light sensitive.  I felt like a movie star today because I wore huge sunglasses all day, even inside.  It sure does look better though.

Last night, 6 hours post eye poking.  This is me, opening my eyes as wide as possible.

Tonight, 30 hours post eye poking.

(come on, blog friends…tell me I’m pretty even with the squinty eye…and zits…awesome.  maybe when I’m 30 I’ll stop getting zits?  One can hope, right!)

9 Replies to “I wore a patch when I was a kid”

  1. Holy cow! Who knew that an itty bitty finger could do that kind of damage?! Your eye looks AWFUL!! But you’re still beautiful…even if it does make me crazy that you’re not even thirty yet (brat).:)

  2. oh, no! that is painful, and I have many a eye injury over the years!! I hope that your eye is feeling better soon! Oh…..sorry–the zits still come at 30! LOL

  3. Yes, I would agree with those above…OUCH. Who knew? Jackson got a small piece of mulch from our playground in his eye one afternoon not too long ago right at 4:30pm. I called my eye doctor and they told me to hurry him right over. He had scratched his eye with it (I was able to wash out the piece with my contact solution), and all he needed was some antibiotic ointment for a few days. Geez. I was freaked out.

    I am glad you are looking and feeling better. Maybe you should let Derek hold Cam for a few days. hehehe.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Wow…sorry that happened! You know what else is a good drug?!? Valium. That’s what I took when I had Lasik. Nothing bothered me!

  5. Owwww!!!!! I have to admit that I was LOL at your picture! I’m glad the dr was able to fix you up w/o you having to look like a pirate (although I’m sure the boys would’ve loved you having a patch!)

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