I love brinner. You know, breakfast for dinner. It’s always a winner in this house! We were all a bit on the cranky side tonight. And by all, I definitely mean that Camryn was super fussy all day and barely napped, which means that I was worn out by the end of the day and not so patient with the boys. Add in a cold, rainy afternoon, and a dad who had to end a 17 day vacation today, and you’ve got yourself the perfect night for brinner. The world looked just a little brighter after scrambled eggs, sausage, and chocolate chip pancakes served with whipped cream. I’m telling you, the next time you’ve had a rough day, bust out the brinner!

It actually wasn’t that rough of a day. It started on the early side (5:30….thanks a bunch, Miss C…) But it was so good to get back to our normal routine today. C went back to school, which he was super excited about. I went to the gym, went to lunch with a friend so Logan could play with his bff, and finally packed up the Christmas decorations. It was a good day, minus the fussy baby.

So, I went to the gym today. I’m going all out, hard core. I’m motivated for lots of reasons, but I’ll be honest that the biggest one of all is an upcoming trip to Hawaii! D and I are going to Kauai this summer, and I’m going to be skinny, dang it! I started working out a few months ago, but in the grand tradition of an American during the holidays, I fell off the wagon. So I’m back on. This time I think I’m even going to take measurements, before pictures, etc, and maybe even chronicle it on the blog. Why not, right?

All right, that’s it for now. I’m off to rock out on Guitar Hero. Such a fun game!

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