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I think every Monday I might post a video blog.  Well, not next Monday since I will be in California.  But every Monday after that.  Here’s this weeks edition.  Enjoy!  (Or don’t, because it’s a little long and rambly.  And a little awkward.  But that’s me…long winded, awkward…a bit spazzy…and proud of it!)

January 19 Blog from Megan Thurman on Vimeo.

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  1. hey, I watched the entire thing!!!! loved it–and will look forward to some crazy video blogs on Monday’s! 😉 oh, and can’t wait to see you at CHA!

  2. I watched!! And I WILL NOT forget your birthday!!

    I’ve been intending to make a Vlog (video blog) for a few weeks now…. Tomorrow just may be the day!

    You made me laugh out loud lots! Love yoU!

  3. I love this! I’m glad you’re going to do it again. But we need a picture of the table 🙂
    P.S. You have more of an accent than you did in Pasadena. It’s cute.

  4. Loved the video and your haircut is super cute! My birthday is next week! I am going to be 30!!! We leave on Sunday to go skiing for a week, part Christmas…part birthday! We are just the same this week!!!

  5. I watched the entire thing. I hope you were not referring to me in the forgetting birthday thing. I will be here Friday to say Happy Day!
    Love the hair.
    Need pics of the table.
    Good work on working out.
    Our kids do the fence thing too.

    And I think thats it.


    Thats it.

  6. I loved the video! I am like you in that I love to hear my “internet friends” voices. I always wonder how they talk and stuff. By the way Brynn was talking back to you and responding to the blog but then wondered why you didn’t answer her questions. Love the idea!!!

  7. I have to agree – I like hearing people’s voices. Pictures are nice, but video is better. Now let me ramble a minute…I like your haircut. Yes, your kids are cute. Maybe it’s just because I live in Colorado, but you have an adorable accent, more than I remember in high school. Happy Birthday (this week). Have fun in Cali, it’s been really warm there so you should probably visit the beach. And I’m sure you’ll look great in your bathing suit (muscle weighs more than fat and that’s probably the 2 lbs you gained).
    I’m not as creative as you, but you should check out my blog to see how big/cute my little boy is (not to brag or anything). And, I’m working on posting a video – although I will not be posting a video of myself because I don’t like to listen to myself.

  8. You’re not doing the rest of us, or at least those in denile, any good by announcing your age online! Love the new hair. It’s weird to hear grown up Megan talking. I probably haven’t heard your voice in about 12 years!

  9. Hey Megan, it’s Erin Drez from California, remember us?? I have to admit that I have been “stalking” your blog for a few years now even though we lost touch and I thought it was about time I said hello. I have loved seeing the boys grow up and getting to see your new baby girl. We had a baby girl on July 4th, Caroline. Here is our blog –
    Enjoy! Blessings to you.

  10. LOVED teh video, thanks for sharing!
    BTW – I just got that same haircut, seriously. Maybe it’s a mom-of-a-6-month-old-&-2-older-kids-thing LOL!
    I remember your birthday last year & was very sad for you.
    Can’t wait to see you on Sunday!

  11. i LOVE the video blog.. i like to ramble myself.. i think if we actually ever met i think we would be good friends.. cuz i think we are a lot alike..and i watched it all.. and have fun here in CA!!! and happy birthday early, but i will prob say that on facebook on your bday…. and oh, i forgot to tell you that i graduated from apu in 96, so yeah, i am a wee bit older than you….
    LOL.. this is fun!


  12. I think that I have wished you a happy birthday both of the years I’ve been blogging, but NO ONE wished me a happy birthday!!!!!!!!! So sad. I’m not even sure my friends know when it is. 🙂 Just kidding! Anyway, I absolutely LOVED this blog. I really like hearing your voice and seeing you in real life even when you’re not in town! Miss you!

  13. I LOVE IT!!!!! That was too much fun. Don’t you just love having kids everywhere???? We have the same after school activities and it makes that time of day SO much easier around here.

    Hmmm, maybe I ought to try the video blogging thing. Happy Happy Birthday sweet friend!

  14. JB – Actually…I always forget whether your b-day is Nov 6th or 7th…so I feel funny wishing you a happy bday if it’s not the right day! I need to get the RIGHT day on my calendar! You think after 29 years I’d have it memorized!!!

    Megan – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  15. I watched the whole thing! It was awesome to actually hear your voice, rather then imagine it! I think the hair cut it cute! Maybe that isn’t what you want to hear….this close to your 29th birthday? LOL – Acutally today is your birthday! Happy Birthday Megan! – Everyone forgot mine last year too!

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