Preface…please excuse any typos.  and i wish you could see me typing right now.  i just sliced my finger up real good.  darn my domestic endeavors.  i decided to make my man a good saturday night dinner instead of making him scrounge for leftovers and i sliced my finger open in the process.  the boys thought it was cool.  and jusy to prove to you that i am making a lot of ytped, i did noy vackspace any of thid dentenvr. (I did not backspace any of this sentence.)

so connor has reached an age where he is picky about clothes.  who am i kidding…the kid has been dressing himself and opinionated about clothes since he was 3.  after a few purchases that got a big fat thumbs down, i decided to ask him what he does like to wear.

“Connor, what kind of pictures do you like on your shirts?”
“Um, anything with wheels and feet.”
“Wheels and feet?”
“Yeah. Like cars. or wheels. or a picture of feet. Or maybe like a picture of a man running.”
“And what colors do you like?”
“Just all of them. Well, not pink. And not purple. And not light green because when I look at light green, it makes me feel a little funny inside.”

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