Chubby arms in cute little tank tops

Back in high school and college, I had a tank top obsession.  I think it started because (and I’m not trying to be all hoity or anything), I just liked my arms.  A tank top and a pair of jeans was my standard uniform.  I always liked my arms better than my legs.  That’s not so much true anymore…in fact, I’d rather not show my arms or legs, but that’s neither here nor there.   Back in the day when I was playing volleyball all the time, when I could bench pressed 85 pounds (is that even a lot?  I clearly remember thinking that I was big time when I benched 85 pounds), back in the days when I thought I was a bit chubby at 5’9, 140 pounds, and a size 6,  I wore a lot of tank tops.  I loved my tank tops.  I had the hardest time purging any of those tanks, because every single one of them had a story that went along with it.  If there was ever an article of clothing I was attached to, it was tank tops.

I still love tank tops, although they aren’t quite my standard uniform like they were 10 years ago.  But this summer, tanks will be the standard uniform for the new lady of the house. When I put this outfit on her this morning, I literally squealed with delight and munched all over her baby arms.

She’s already got quite the collection, and I get a little giddy every time I open her closet and see them all lined up in a row.

**I am going to interupt myself to say that this is totally not what I had planned for this blog.  Sometimes I sit down to blog one thing, and then something totally different comes out.  I had no intention of writing about my tank top obsession.  I was just going to blog these cute and silly pictures with little captions.  I think it’s getting late.  I get a little wordy and delirious when it’s late.  I will now continue with my blog as I originally intended it.**

This is one of Camryn’s favorite faces to make.  I say it’s her fave because she makes it all the time.  I introduce to you the scrunchy little nose face.

I have no idea what to call this face.  I go back and forth between thinking it’s sort of cute and being totally creeped out by that eye.

He loves her so much.  It’s so amazingly adorable that it makes me want to have like 10 more kids right this very second.

But she wasn’t really thinking it was so cute tonight.  Sometimes a girl just needs her space. 

And sometimes a girl just wishes her mom would put the camera away and feed her already.  The frustration was building.

And then she was serious about it.  I’m not even kidding, mom. Not. Even. Kidding.

So I swooped her up and kissed all over her cubby little arms.

9 Replies to “Chubby arms in cute little tank tops”

  1. Lovin’ all those pics!
    I always love putting my girls in tanks, those baby fat arms are adorable. I was very sad last weekend when Cami put a tank on & I quickly realized she has no baby fat left…at least Caylee still has some chunk left to her. But Caleb, he is a whole ball of baby fat and I LOVE IT!
    The scrunchie face is beyond adorable! The eye thing, I’ll try & find a pic of Caylee, she makes a very similar face, a lot! And as she is getting older, it comes across more like an “attitude”, beware!
    And um, 10 more kids hun? ok….LOL
    (sorry this is so long, we need to email again soon)

  2. Okay, so I totally remember you! I think you were my brother’s age (or maybe just a year younger than I was). The reason you did not see me in the reptile house is because I HATE SNAKES!! I volunteered to “watch” the stroller outside by the TX gate because it “too crazy to take a stroller in there” and giving myself an excuse to not have a total meltdown in the reptile house. 🙂

    Those are some darn cute pictures!

  3. Those are some GREAT expressions on your beautiful little girl.

    The only thing that even comes close to chubby baby arms are chubby baby thighs, wouldn’t you agree?!!

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