Taking a momentary break from the fumes

First of all, let me just say that Logan is fast asleep on the couch (he’s running a fever and not feeling so hot today.  Think it’s the swine flu?)  Camryn is asleep.  And I am wasting being productive through the oh-so-rare nap overlap.  I really don’t want to remove any more moldy caulk during these peaceful, quiet moments.  I figure I deserve a break, right?  Actually, all the moldy caulk is gone.  The entire shower has been bleached into oblivion.  The doors have been CLRed.  (sidenote.  That stuff is nasty!  Like burn your eyes and nose, don’t breath nasty.  But it worked like a charm on the water spots all over the door!)

Really, I meandered into the kitchen to get my caulk and read the instructions.  Um, yeah.  I have a strong feeling that I will just be using the other shower for a few days until Derek can do the caulking for me.
Step 1: Remove dirt, grease, moisture, and old caulk.  Check.
Step 2: If joint size exceeds 1/2″ x 1/2″, use backer rod. Use what?
Step 3: Mask both sides of the joint. with a batman mask? Or a clone trooper mask?
Step 4: Load sealant cartridge into caulking gun. oh. I was supposed to get a caulking gun.
Step 5:smooth or “tool” bead if needed. tool? like use a tool? or tool, as in act like a jerk?

I thought all you had to do was nip the tip and put it on. It’s a good thing we have 2 showers.

Right before lunch, I was holding Cami while checking email, and Logan wanted to crawl up into my lap.  I seized the opportunity to make a little movie, and Logan was even fairly cooperative!

And speaking of movies, I’ve added a Flip Video to my wishlist.  Actually, it’s really the only thing on my wishlist.  Besides new carpet.  And a king size bed.  And a new lens for my camera.  And some new clothes.  And…just kidding.  I really don’t have a huge wish list.  Anyway, I texted Derek about it (I’m trying to drop some not-so-subtle Mother’s Day hints), and he wanted to know when I became such a gadget geek.  Oh Derek…I learned it from watching you, honey.  I learned it from watching you.

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