so much to say

Warning: This is a massively long blog post. but there are lots of pictures.

First of all, a Logan story.  A very classic Logan story.

Last Wednesday, Derek was out of town, Logan was sick, and Connor had swim team practice.  I hated for him to have to miss because it was the big swim test day.  One of my friends graciously offered to take C to practice with her kids, which left my house very, very quiet at a time of day that is usually the craziest.  Camryn took a nap.  Logan just laid around, watching tv and playing quietly.  I ordered a pizza for dinner, and it arrived before Connor got home, so Logan and I decided to go ahead and eat.  I sent Logan to wash his hands, and I started to eat.  A few minutes go by, and I realize that it is eerily quiet.  I didn’t think too much about it and continued to eat my pizza while catching up on my blogs.

Another minute or two pass, and it’s still quiet.  Very, very quiet.

“Logan?” I call.
No answer.
“Loooogaaan? Where are you?”
“Right here” comes a little voice from behind me.

I turn to see him come around the corner, holding a nearly empty paper towel roll. That sends a red flag right up. I just bought paper towels today…where did that almost empty roll come from?

“Um, Logan? What are you doing?”
“Just a minute”, he says with deep concentration and resolve in his voice.
I watch him curiously, as he slowly walks, unrolling the paper towels behind him.
“Logan? What are you doing? Why are you unrolling that?”, I ask a little more firmly.
“I needed to see how long this roll of paper is. I’m almost done.” And indeed, he was almost done. “Come see!” he said, quite proudly.

In case anyone was wondering, a roll of paper towels will stretch down the length of my hallway, through the dining room, and almost to the end of the kitchen.
Another little Logan snippet…
I had to go to Sam’s today and picked up some applesauce for my applesauce loving kids. Every single time i buy apple sauce in bulk, Logan spends time doing this:

I’m so happy to have such an organized little helper.
Connor has started swimming on a swim team, and is loving every single second of it. The other day after practice, he told me that he liked soccer, but he loved swimming. It’s been really fun watching him do something that is totally his thing.
Speaking of soccer, I finally got my camera out to a game this weekend. We’ve had lots of games canceled this season, and both boys Connor was really excited about the double header on Saturday.  Logan still spends about half the time sitting on the sideline, or wandering around searching for sticks on the ground.  Logan did have some really good kicks (they may or may not have been towards the other team’s goal.)  My favorite Logan style soccer move is when he leaps up from the sideline and jumps in when the ball gets close to him.  Connor had a great time, and is getting especially good at playing goalie.  It’s fun to see him finally enjoying sports and activities.

Saturday was also our first family swim day! Everyone had a great time, and I was so proud to see Logan swimming without any floaties. He took a month of swimming lessons, and it’s really starting to click with him. We told him he couldnt’ go off the diving board unless he could get to the side all alone without floaties. Derek waited at the side, Logan jumped in, and did it! It was a big day. Camryn loved the water. Absolutely loved it, even though I thought it would be a tad chilly for her. She didn’t seem to mind it at all and had a blast. This was only the first of many, many pool days this summer.

I got a little crafty on Friday night and made Cami a bow holder. I love how it turned out! They look so cute displayed, and I don’t even care that only 5 of those many, many bows will actually stay in her wisps. (and I have to give a little love to my favorite place to buy Camryn’s bows. They really do stay in her hair! Well, until she pulls them out. But they don’t slide right out like all our other bows.)

Saturday I also did something I’ve never done before. I took pictures of a family that I had never met before that day. I’ve been thinking about doing a little photography business on the side, and the opportunity to take pictures of this family just fell in my lap. They were such a cute family, and really good sports as we walked all over the neighborhood. The low part of the experience was disrupting a mosquito hatchery. Luckily I am a mosquito magnet, so I think I’m the only one who got attacked. The best part of the day was all the rest! I think we got some really cute shots, and I did enjoy it…the wheels are definitely turning about how to make this photography thing work…

And finally, miss Camryn got her first shiner on Sunday night. That darn coffee table got in the way as she lost her balance. Poor little pumpkin head.

Whew! I think that is it for this massive blog update! It’s only taken me 3 days to finish.

4 Replies to “so much to say”

  1. the thing about a massive post, is it requires a massive comment!
    i love…
    logan’s organization
    the boys in their soccer gear
    the girl in her swimwear
    the awesome bow holder you created
    your photo skills

  2. that is such a CUTE bow hanger…makes me want to make one for Jellybean!
    You would so rock as a photographer. That middle shot of them walking rocks my socks!!!
    let me know if you need help with a logo or anything *wink*

  3. I’m totally feeling Logan with his organizing skills. So cute! Great pics and I was thinking (before I saw the post of the family pics you took) wow Meg is getting really good with photography, she can do it as a job . And there you go…it’s already happening. Can you help me cuz I’m no bueno. Totally lost and cornfused with my Nikon….STILL! I know we talked about it at CHA but still not getting it. I so need help and I really want to figure it out before the babies come. There will be lots of pics to be had then.

  4. I love seeing your pics Megan! it is always fun reading your blog! I hope that you had a wonderful mothers day!!!

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