Good for the soul

I had a really great weekend, and it was just what I needed.  It started of bright and early on Saturday with the garage sale.  I ended up keeping it really simple (i.e. I didn’t go through every single toy and book.  I just sold the stuff that I could think of off the top of my head.)  I made about $95, which was almost enough for the stroller I wanted.  Mission accomplished.  I put everything away and closed the sale at 9:30 to go to the boys last soccer game.  I have really loved watching them play this season.  This is Connor’s 4th season to play, and he had so much fun.  It was a huge confidence builder for him because he was the oldest on the team.  I loved watching Logan on the rare occasion that he wanted to be out there..he spent a fair amount of time on the sideline with me.  I liked that, too.  Just hanging on the sideline with my middle and my baby, watching my oldest and my hubby on the field.  And working on my tan by wearing a tank top and shorts to every game.

After soccer, we all turned into monitor heads.  Derek played Halo with some friends, Logan played PBS Kids on the computer, Connor and I played Mario Kart on the Wii, and Camryn crawled around, charming us all with her happiness.  Several times during our wii game, Connor spontaneously leaned over to hug or kiss me.  So sweet.  I don’t play wii with him all the time, and I guess he must have really loved that I joined in the fun.

After lunch, while Cami napped, I went shopping.  I picked up my new stroller (it rolls like butter.  Love it.)  I went to Kohl’s to use my Kohl’s cash.  After trying on a million things, I left with a new pair of nice capris and 3 new tank tops.  I didn’t get one thing for Camryn, which is you know me, that was quite a feat.  Man, I love to shop for that girl.  She is way more fun to shop for than myself.  Everything looks so cute on her, and everything fits.  Not so much with me.  But I wanted to get myself a few new things, and I did.  Mission accomplished.

Then it was back home.  After a dramatic foot puncture wound involving Logan and a roofing staple, we all headed to the pool for a bit of swimming.  (He’s fine, by the way.  It really wasn’t too bad even though it was a lot of blood right when it happened.)  I love our family swim time so much.  After the kids were in bed, D and I watched Lost until I fell into a happy sleep on the couch.

Today also started bright and early because that’s when Cami wanted to start the day.  D left early for church to work sound, and the kids and I ended up playing hookie.  Camryn napped, and the boys played with our neighbors while I scrapbooked.  The boys played with friends from 8-5 today! They spent the morning in our yard and house and the afternoon at the neighbors.  They even scored a pancake breakfast at one house and a hot dog lunch at another.  They had so much fun with their buddies!  Derek worked hard on the yard, even taking Camryn on a trip to Lowe’s for a few tools.  I scrapbooked some more, and then I steam cleaned the carpets.   Note to self…if you rent a carpet cleaner, and you think it isn’t doing a great job…and it’s leaving the carpets awfully wet…and eventutually shoots out little pieces of metal and starts to smoke…it’s probably broken.  After a replacement rental, I sucked up up all the dirty water and went over everything for the second time.  And now the carpets look good.  Well, as good as they can considering they are 15 years old and desperately need to be torn out and replaced.  Good is all relative when talking about our carpet.

I mopped the kitchen tonight…did some laundry…I was really so productive today!  I did just the right mix of fun and work to feel totally content at the end of the day.  I pretty much only had Camryn for the day since the boys were occupied.  It’s amazing how my perspective had changed with the birth of each child.  Connor rocked my world and I thought it was crazy hard to have a baby.  Logan seemed easier, but of course I had a two year old to contend with. Now, the times when I only have Camryn around seem so easy!

I’m so thankful for this good family/fun/work weekend after a stressful week.  It was just what I needed!

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  1. sounds like a perfect weekend for you! so, gonna share your LO’s? I need some inspiration.
    love the new stroller, enjoy & WTG on earning the $ from a garage sale, awesome!
    also, how about an update on your hair? again, I need some inspiration 🙂

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