I can hardly stand the cuteness

As I played dress up with my very own life-size doll this morning, I just knew it would be morning for pictures.  She was so happy!  And A for Adorable is an understatement (in my no-so-very humble opinion, of course.)

( I know the focus is off a little one this one…I was playing around with camera settings. But I just love her little kicked up leg!)

And, check out the hair! It’s finally starting to grow in. And it is blond. Like white blond. I get the most comments about her blond hair and her bright blue eyes. And then people ask if the boys had blond hair like that…no, no they did not. Connor was fairly light haired, and was especially blond the summer he was 18 months old. Logan’s has always been a light brown color. And no, the blue eyes don’t come from me. That’s also a question I get asked a lot.

(And, I want to point out that is a real bow in real hair! Woo hoo!)

Today was Logan’s last day of school.  Summer is almost here…

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  1. Hey, I have two quick questions for you…did Connor and Logan have hair that color when they were born? And I thought you had brown eyes. Did she get her blue eyes from you?! Just curious, cute pictures!

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