she strikes again

We’ve always referred to Logan as Captain Disaster. He earned the nickname by doing things like this:

He still has these tendencies. I just walked into his room, and his nice, neat pile of laundry is now strewn all over the floor. Of course, now he isn’t a year old, so it’s not quite as endearing…and he doesn’t get off scott free anymore.

I have pictures of Connor’s messes, too, but most of them are not digital. Connor’s poison was ripping magazines to shreds and emptying wipes containers, one wipe at a time. He also created this masterpiece one time:

Camryn is definitely at that destructobot phase. Nothing is safe. Her favorite past time is emptying bags. She’ll be entertained for so long with her diaper bag in front of her, or my wallet or purse.

This morning, I put her in her high chair with some puffs and left the room. Usually I pull her high chair away from the counter, but this morning I must have been distracted and didn’t. She didn’t waste any time leaving her mark of destruction.

Is it any wonder that I feel like I never get anything done?

(I have more to say, but I have to go…I have 4 boys here dying to go to the pool, and one baby girl currently pulling everything off of the art shelves.)

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  1. So funny! All of my boys have made messes like that, but we called Lafe Captain Destructo!!! That boy could break or make a mess out of almost anything and do it FAST. I know exactly why you feel like you never get anything done. It’s nice when they still have that sweet, innocent look like Camryn does.

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