A little off

For years, Full House was my very favorite show.  Remember that episode where Steph and Deej knock a hole in the wall with a curtain rod?  They try to fix it, even asking the handy Uncle Jesse for tips, only to realize that fixing an apple sized hole in the wall is no easy task.  So they move Danny’s dresser and everything on that wall over 6 inches to cover it up.  Danny doesn’t really notice that something is wrong, but he drops his keys on the floor and sort of stumbles around until the girls come clean about their little mishap, thus learning yet another important life lesson about telling the truth.

I’d like to think that I’ve learned the importance of telling the truth, but just like Danny, I am a little off tonight.  Tomorrow night, I am hosting bunco.  Fun times, but let’s just be honest for a second.  There is a little bit of pressure to have a welcoming, pretty home and good food.  Y’all have seen the messes that are a part of my daily hourly existence.  In order to prevent a major stress meltdown tomorrow, I’ve been getting stuff done slowly all week long.  I’ve (almost) got all the prizes together.  I’ve got all the food and drinks I need.  I’ve done all the cleaning I can do until tomorrow. (There is no point in cleaning the bathroom before tomorrow afternoon because I can guarantee you that one of my boys will get pee on the floor.  Or the wall.)

I decided that I would prepare all the food I could tonight.  I took the easy way out for a few things and got some heat and serve appetizers from Sam’s.  I’m also having hummus with pita bread, veggies, ranch dip, fruit, oreo balls, and sensational strawberry dessert.

I started with the strawberry dessert.  I mashed, mixed, and wondered why mine was so much whiter in color.  Oh…maybe because the cool whip is supposed to be divided and not all dumped into the cake part.  Oops.  I just hope it firms up in the freezer.

Instead of just using ranch dressing in a bowl and calling it dip, I bought the seasoning mix.  As I was stirring the mayo, milk, and seasoning, I kept thinking it was very runny for ranch dip.  Oops….for dip, I’m supposed to use sour cream as the base.  I just made ranch dressing, which I have plenty of in my fridge.  I’m serving it tomorrow anyway.

Next I made hummus.  I love hummus, and it’s so easy to make (that recipe isn’t exactly what I do, but it’s pretty close.  I like to add paprika and use sea salt).  I guess I was feeling a little overly confident in my hummus making abilities because it just wasn’t right.  Then I remembered that I usually add the liquid from the chick peas a little bit at a time, and tonight I just dumped it all in, and it was way too runny.  Luckily I had another can of beans, and with a little bit of this and a little bit of that, I got it done.

Last up, the oreo balls.  They turned out great.  Except my chocolate coating was not firming up.  Not to worry, once I popped them back in the fridge, they were good to go.

I love bunco and my group.  But I’m glad I only have host it once a year.

(and maybe next year I’ll remember to pick a school year month.  It’s probably much easier to get stuff ready if I don’t have 3 kids underfoot 24/7.  Not that I’m complaining.  Love those little munchkins.)

On a totally unrelated note, my little swimming all-star swam 32 laps during his 45 minute practice this morning at the swim-a-thon fundraiser.  32 laps.  Maybe it’s just me, but I think that’s a long way for a little guy to swim.  I did the math, and that equals just under a half a mile.  I swam some laps the other day to get myself ready for the parent relay race coming up in a few weeks.  I did 8 laps and had to stop and rest.  Thank goodness the parent relay race is only 1 lap!

2 Replies to “A little off”

  1. I soooo wish I could hop on a plane or a train and be there for bunco!!!
    We made the oreo balls at christmas… YUM!!! RICH!!!

    Love you… I’m going to call you back today from yesterday… oh how I have some stories for you!!!

  2. LOL… ok, so i am hosting bunco tomorrow night too… and well, the peeps coming to bunco at my house would much rather fly out to texas to attend YOURS!!!! wow girl, you go all out!!!!!!! but i hear ya with all the cleaning that needs to be done… in fact, i should be cleaning up right now… but why, sponge bob is on……… have fun!!!!!!!!!

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