manpris and mullets

I can hardly even believe it, but I am in Germany!  My luggage, however, is not.  It’s still in Amsterdam, but should be here later tonight.  I hope it makes it because I did not follow that travel rule about packing a change of clothes and toiletries in my carry on.  I figured it wouldn’t be an issue.  My bad.

It feels sort of surreal.  I think that feeling is mostly coming from exhaustion.  I knew I needed to sleep on the plane.  In my head, I knew that was they way to get acclimated to the time change quickly.  I left Texas at 3 p.m. Saturday and arrived in Amsterdam at 7:15 Sunday morning (which felt like 2:30 Sunday morning).  I slept for 30 minutes of that flight.  At first I was awake because I wasn’t tired.  Then I was awake because I couldn’t get comfortable.  But I think the main reason I stayed awake is because of my own personal entertainment system.  I watched Marley and Me, Yes Man, and The Changeling.  I played Tetris and Sudoku.  I listened to a little bit of Britney Spears and the Juno soundtrack.  I loved my personal tv!

I did sleep on the hour long flight from Amsterdam to Germany.  It was on this teeny tiny little plane.  We taxied for a solid 15 minutes and I was really beginning to think that maybe we were just going to drive the plane to Germany instead of fly it.  But we finally took off.   The plane was a Fokker 50 (I think that is German for very, very tiny.  16 rows, 4 people across.)  which totally made me giggle in my head.  Or maybe out loud.  I was a bit delirious by that point.

Seeing Derek’s face after a long day/night of travel was wonderful.  He’s been on 4 business trips over here, so he’s like a professional at the train system and getting around.  After I took a quick power nap, we went walking around and got something to eat.  Then it was back to the hotel for another little nap. I think in a little bit we’ll head back out. 

It just feels so surreal to be here.  International travel is weird like that.

A few observations…

European men like their manpris.  You know, capris for men.  They are everywhere.  The mullet is back.  I am trying to convince Derek to go home with a mullet and manpris but no luck so far.  Germans love their ice cream.  There are ice cafes on every corner.  I ate wienerschnitzel (actually it was jaegerschnitzel, but my professional German husband told me it was better.)  It was quite tasty.  All the stores are closed because it is Sunday.  Little kids speaking German is just about the cutest thing ever (oh, how I miss my babies already!)  History is actually pretty cool when you are looking at excavated roads and buildings from the Roman times.  Being in Europe makes me want to say “bonjour” every time I make eye contact with someone even though I am not in France.  

On that note, I’m going to wrap this up.  Let the adventures begin!

(and Nonny, if you read this, give the boys and my girl some hugs and kisses from me!) 


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  1. Bonjour!
    What a long time to travel alone but, also how lovely to catch up on some movies and games and reading….
    Can’t wait to see some piccies!

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