when self portraits go wrong

Derek and I are on the train on our way back to Germany.  Tomorrow, bright and early, I head back home (well, home-ish.  We’re going to stay a few more days at my parents’ house.)  It’s been a fun, hot, sweaty, cultural, relaxing (but tiring) experience.  There are many stories to tell, many pictures to share, and many lessons learned.  But for now, because my computer battery is on it’s tail end, I share with you a pictoral journey I’ve entitled When Self Portraits Go Wrong.

D and I are big fans of the self portrait, as you will see in blog posts coming up.  But these, my friends, these are really something else.  It’s all because of the flash.  We went to the Eiffel Tower last night, after dark, hence the use of the flash.  These are the only photos I took in all of Europe where I used the flash.  You’ll see why in a moment.

This was the first one, which in retrospect really wasn’t too bad.  I really should have stopped while I was ahead.  Little did I know what the future would hold.

Derek’s eyes started to get droopy…

And soon, it rubbed off on me.  This has got to be, hands down, one of the worst pictures ever taken of the two of us. (One might ask why I would put something like this on my blog…)

I managed to open my eyes back up, but Derek was still lost in Droopy Land.

And then this one, which literally makes me laugh out loud.  He thought maybe it would be a good idea to close his eyes in preparation.  Clearly, that plan backfired.  Big time.

And finally, Derek looking pretty good, and Meg…oh Meg…the cheeser is out in full glory.

Lest you think that all our self portraits are so unfortunate, here is one of my favorites of the entire trip.  Ah, Paris….we’ll always have Paris.

More to come, including stories from the subway, burning my hair, removing toilet paper from a toilet, cultural differences, observations in people watching, and a rundown of all the fun things we did (mostly for my own benefit.  Mommy brain is still in full effect, even on vacation.)

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  1. It was so good to see you this morning. Hope you have fun with my boys tomorrow!!! Sorry I have to miss it. Can’t wait for our girls’ weekend!!!!!! I also can’t wait to hear all of your fun stories from this trip. Love you!

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