My sweets

They grew while I was away.  I warned them not too, but despite my pleading, they all looked a little older, a little wiser, and a little hairier.  Well, Camryn looked hairier.  Her hair is starting to grow in, and I am pleased to see that her mullet is really beginning to take shape.

I can’t even tell you how fun it was to see them after being away.  I was literally giddy with excitement when I was getting off the plane.  They were so sweet, hugging me, giving kisses, and each talking a mile a minute to get me up to date with everything.  They had tons to say because they do not like to talk on the phone.  Logan wouldn’t talk to me at all while I was gone, except once when my mom put the phone to his ear and I heard a little grunt.  Connor was slightly better, answering a few yes or no questions before saying “mom, I just want to be done talking.”  Camryn just tries to eat the phone, like all good 11 month olds.  So we had lots of catching up to do.

I was just thinking that it’s funny that I haven’t blogged at all since I was in Europe.  What kind of blog freak blogs more on vacation than while at home?  Well, that’s easy.  The kind of blog freak who spends 8 hours total on a first class train with free internet and not a single reason to get up unless it’s to go to the bathroom.  Lord knows I don’t have that kind of time once I’m back on mom duty!  Not that I’m complaining, but seriously….that train ride was really one of the best parts of our vacation!  Derek and I both agreed on that.  It was relaxing, cool, and we just got to hang out…chat a bit…retreat to our own things a bit…really perfect for us.

Of course, the Eiffel Tower is cool, too.  And so is the Louvre.  Okay, maybe I’m just saying that line about the Louvre because it’s what I’m supposed to say.  Confession time.  The Louvre bored me to tears.  It was cool for the first little bit…thinking about these 500 year old sculptures and marveling at the details and what not, seeing the Mona Lisa and a few other famous works of art, etc. But I could have been done there after 30 minutes.  My husband, on the other hand, really appreciates art and history and all those refined sorts of things.  I appreciate things like giant ferris wheels near the museum.  He appreicates the actual museum.  It’s a wonder we’ve made this marriage work.

Just to prove that we were there and we saw big paintings and stuff…

I started this blog 24 hours ago, and I better just hit publish before it ends up in the draft folder forever, along with 18 other blog posts.  I would have had more time for blogging over the past few days if I hadn’t been busy perfecting my Wii bowling skills, so much so that I now have a signature bowling style and a sore arm.  And I was busy at Hawaiian Falls with the boys all day today.  I am hard core about water parks, and even though this is a small one geared to kids, I totally had as much fun as they did.  I love waterparks.  And ferris wheels. But not museums so much.

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  1. Well I love all the different pics. It looks like you two had a wonderful time away. All couples should do this. Chris and I hope to make it a priority down the road. The kids look cute and yes Camryn’s hair looks like it did grow. She’s a doll. Cant’ wait to hear more stories and pics. 🙂

  2. Just so you feel justified, I did not care for The Louvre either. It felt like being inside a giant shopping mall, but all filled with art that I didn’t recognize nor understand. Matt and I finally stumbled onto the Musee D’Orsay, which was by far my favorite. Much smaller and more intimate, it is also filled with Impressionistic art, which I love. I stayed in there for hours. Just thought you might like to know you are not the only one who doesn’t care for the Louvre! Glad you had a great trip!!

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