First Cupcake

Okay, last birthday post about Cami, I promise.  Actually, let me just take that back because we aren’t having her party until next week, so I’m sure there will be another post at that point.  What can I say…my girl has been spoiled on her first birthday!

We celebrated with just us last night, and that celebration included cupcakes.  She got chocolate cake because it’s what we had in the pantry.  I’m a huge fan of funfetti cake and I try and impose it on my family any chance I get, but Derek was quite pleased that Camryn’s first cake was a chocolate one.

She went right in for it…

Until she realized that the icing was goopy and sticky.  She’s a little hesitant about new textures.

So she flashed us that little grin, which I took to mean “please cut this up, mom.”

So I did.  And then she went for it.

And she was happy.

And messy, of course.  That’s half the fun of a first cupcake.

After a bath, she played and played and played some more.  And looked at me sweetly with those big blue eyes.  My heart melted all over again.

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  1. so cute. happy bday camryn. i am a huge fan of funfetti cakes. my mom used to ask me what kind i wanted her to make me and that was it…always!

    i love your new backdrop and header. cute!

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