It’s party time

We have seriously had the craziest 10 days!  We had family come to visit, a doctor’s appointment, a birthday party, a family vacation, a minor surgery, a first plane ride, and a girl’s weekend.  I really don’t even know where to start!  Instead of doing one monster post, I think I’ll do a bunch of smaller ones.  And I guess I’ll start with Camryn’s birthday party.  Last Monday (a week after her real birthday), we had a party at our neighborhood pool with a bunch of our friends and family.  It was such a fun party!  I think I will do her party there every year, at least until she asks for something different.

First, the wardrobe.  Cami wore what Logan calls her “princess bathing suit” and sported some mighty cute pigtails.  I’m so bummed that I didn’t think about the background of this picture, but I love the girl in it, so I can look past my poor subject placement.

I did a luau theme party, and didn’t take a single picture of any of the decorations or the cakes.  I kept it pretty simple…baked a cake (tried to decorate it…let’s just say I won’t be pursuing a career in cake decorating any time soon!), baked cupcakes, had some cute plates and a festive table cloth and called it a day.  No one noticed any of it anyway because everyone was too busy having fun in the pool!

This little cutie is Lexi,my friend Laura’s baby girl.  She and I both had two boys then a girl.  We’ll be leaning on each other for support as we get into the girl drama thing, just like we’ve leaned on each other for support during the crazy boy thing!  I just love this picture of Lexi, so it’s making it onto the blog.  She and Camryn are going to be bff’s someday, I just know it.

Me and my birthday girl in the pool.  She loves the water!  (Her bows and pigtails came out shortly after this picture.  They didn’t last long in the pool.)

Of course, my real reason for having a pool party for a 1 year old wasn’t really Camryn.  It was all these turkeys (plus some others not pictured).  Most of our friends have older kids, and I knew I needed to do something they would enjoy.   They definitely enjoyed themselves!

We had a belly flop contest, complete with a $5 Sonic giftcard prize.  Connor was so serious about the contest.  He didn’t win, but he definitely got some bonus points for style.

I even took spent some time on the diving board with the kids practicing my front and back flips.  Uh huh, I still got it!  It will be a sad, sad day when I can no longer flip on the diving board.

We took a short break from swimming to eat pizza and sing happy birthday to the birthday girl.

And now I get a break from birthday parties until December.  They sure are fun, but there is definitely a reason why they only happen once a year!

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