Suddenly, she is a toddler

It’s not just because of the constant toddling that’s been happening.



It’s also the pig tails.  Oh, how I love her little pigtails, even if they are pulled from what is pretty much a full on mullet.


It’s also in the way she plays.  After her nap time spent in her crib not sleeping, she put on all her bling, carried her tea pot out to the living room, and climbed on her toy.


She smiled at me, completely charming me once again.


She makes lots of really expressive faces.


She throws herself face down on the ground, crying, when something doesn’t go her way.  (Not Pictured.  Not because it doesn’t happen…I just haven’t caught it on camera yet.  There’s plenty of time for tantrum pictures.)

She is definitely the cutest baby girl that I’ve ever had.
And I love her to pieces.


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  1. She is too cute and reminds me so much of my little Payton (17 months)…ESPECIALLY the throwing herself facedown on the floor when things don’t go her way! Hilarious!

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