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Been a bit of a blog slacker this week…it’s not so much that there isn’t stuff going on, I just haven’t been feeling bloggy.  Bloggy.  I think that should be a real word.  I like it!

So, in list form, here’s a run down of the week:

–Love my kids.  Love that I get to stay home with them. Wouldn’t change it for the world.

–So ready for school to start.  I’ve hit the wall. 9 more days.

–Took a road trip to Boerne to visit my friend Amy. We all had the best time. The kids ran wild (in a well-behaved, controlled way), I got lots of good girl time, and stepped foot into Anthropologie for the first time. I might never be the same.  (and I also totally failed at taking pictures.)

–Took a road trip to Wimberly to visit my friend Carmin. The kids swam in a river and fed deer in Carmin’s front yard.




–We drove 550 miles total, just me and the kids, on our little adventure. And I really had a blast doing it. Don’t tell Derek, but I’m starting to like good, old-fashioned road trips.  (I’m pretty sure the dvd player in the car has a lot to do with my love of road trips.)

–I left Wimberly at 6:00 p.m. to drive back home. At 6:15, I turned around and saw this:

Sleepy Logan

Sleepy Camryn

I plumb wore them out! My favorite part is Logan’s hand in the goldfish bag.

–I found a sno-cone stand about less than 15 minutes from my house. It’s not quite a cajun cone, but they are pretty tasty. We’ll definitely be going back next week.

–We’ve done some swimming, played with friends, rented a few redbox movies, and played lots of wii bowling.

–I pulled an all nighter with a vomiting kid for the first time ever.  Poor Logan…now I’m just praying none of the rest of us get it.  It was pretty miserable.

–But now I have lots and lots of clean sheet and towels, and fresh, steam-cleaned carpets.

–I got a letter in the mail nominating me for Who’s Who Among Executives and Professional Women. It’s about time that someone recognized me as an executive.  It totally made me laugh.  I’ve never even had a full time job or a career of any sort.   I’ve been stay at home mom ever since I graduated from college 7 years ago.  I would really love to read the profile that the Publishing Director believes “would make a fitting addition to our Honors Edition publication.”  I wonder if it’s my stain removing skills or my Candy Land prowess that most qualifies me to share space in a book with “thousands of fellow achievers across the nation.”

–I took this really sweet picture of Logan and Derek the other day.  D had been out of town all week, and on his first morning back in town, Logan was giving him the full on silent treatment.  But once he heard Derek’s garage door open, he flew out of the house into his arms and gave him the best hug ever.  Logan is such a little love bug (on his own terms and in his own time.)  I’m so glad I ran back inside to get my camera.

sweetest hug ever

Hope everyone had a great week/weekend!

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  1. I love all the pics, but I do have a question about Camryn’s doll…does it have legs, or did the boys do some kind of surgery on it?

  2. I agree, bloggy should be a word. let’s make it one! love the pictures, looks like such a fun trip! and that photo of daddy and connor. sweetest, ever.

  3. OK, I can’t edit…BUT, yes that photo of daddy & LOGAN. cute!

    oh, and about girls and shoes, isn’t it SO much fun!? I, of course, noticed Camryn’s super cute shoes in the last post! are those see kai run? (the white ones?) I am already eyeing shoes for Hayden!

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