Two things

First, if you use google ready, you’ve got to check out the “next” feature.  It’s awesome!

The second thing is a story about Connor.  Last night, I went to the back to school parent night at C’s school.  His teacher was telling us all about the reward system that she uses in her classroom.  The kids earn fake pennies, which they can then trade in for nickels, dimes, and quarters, and then they can “buy” different prizes.  There are all different price ranges for the prizes.  Ms. C. was telling us how excited the kids are about this, and they were asking about $1 prizes, $1.50 prizes, and $2 prizes.   Connor proceeds to inform Ms. C and the class that it will be hard to earn $2.00 because they would need 200 pennies for that and there are only 169 days of school.   I was cracking up when Ms. C was telling us this story, because although she did not mention the child’s name, I know it was Connor.   I asked him about it this morning, specifically how he knew there were 169 days of school.  He said he remembered it from kindergarten, but actually there should be about 180 this year if there are no hurricanes.  The kid remembers everything about numbers!

Of course, getting him to remember to use the bathroom or put his dirty clothes in the basket is a whole different story…I need to attach some sort of number system to his responsibilities and I bet he would never forget.

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  1. oh, thanks for the advice. I am going to do that. I don’t use google reader, but it sounds like I should! LOL Funny story about Connor. My husband was just like that as a kid, and now a banker….hmm.. maybe that is Connor’s calling? I put the link of that post for where I got those digital tapes. They are super fun!

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