And so it goes

It’s the beginning of the school year.

Know what that means?  Germs.

Since all three are going to school, it’s like a triple dose around here.

Friday afternoon, Camryn started running a fever.  Friday night was pretty miserable (for the baby and the mama), and Saturday I debated back and forth all day about taking her to the urgent care place.  See, I’ve always had this “rule” that I don’t rush to the doctor’s office.  9 times out of 10, it’s just a virus, so I usually wait until day 3 of fever to go to the doctor.  Well, that was until I had Camryn, Little Miss Every Time I Run A Fever, I Have An Ear Infection.  Of course, she has tubes now, but I just wasn’t sure…luckily we’ve got Dr. James, my brother, to consult with on the weekends.  The verdict?  Wait until Monday, if she’s still sick, go see the doctor.  By Saturday night, the fever was gone, and by Sunday, she was back to normal. I was so glad that I didn’t spend all day Saturday in an urgent care clinic getting exposed to who knows what.

Monday everyone was healthy.  It was such a tease.

Today, Tuesday.  I send Connor of to school.  Logan, Camryn, and I go to the gym.  We go to playgroup.  Logan is totally out of sorts, crying about the littlest things, and eventually asking to leave playgroup, which never happens when he is with his bffs.  He nearly falls asleep in the car on the way home, which never ever happens before 4 p.m.  I carry him in and discover he is running a pretty good fever.  I’m so glad I could expose the maximum amount of children this morning before realizing he was sick.

Logan chills out on the couch with his fave show, Max and Ruby.  He really needs a nap, and the tv vegging just isn’t working.  So at 2:0o, I lay down with him and get him to sleep.  At 2:15 the phone rings.  I ignore it since I don’t want to risk jumping out of the bed and waking Logan.  Plus, it just feels good to lay down.  ( I played bunco last night and didn’t get home until 11:45.  Someday I will remember how hard it is to live it up like that, although it was worth every tired minute today!)  At 2:20, my cell phone rings, and I decide I better go see who it is.  I laughingly think to myself it would be sort of funny if it was the nurse at Connor’s school.

Guess what.  It was the school nurse.  Connor was in her office, not feeling well, and running a low grade fever.  With only 30 minutes left until dismissal, and since he really didn’t have a fever yet, the nurse and I decided that he could stay there and ride the bus home like normal.  I was so thankful when the nurse suggested that! I was dreading having to wake up sleepy Carmyn and sickie Logan to go pick up Connor.

Connor gets home and is clearly not feeling well.  By 5:00, he had a real fever.  No school for the boys tomorrow.

That’s just how it goes sometimes.  So much for bible study and shopping with my Kohl’s coupon tomorrow.  It will be a chillaxed movie day instead…which really doesn’t sound too bad.  And hopefully whatever they have will be as short lived as it was for Camryn.

4 Replies to “And so it goes”

  1. Poor little kiddos!! I was home with Caleb today who has an ear infection and a touch of the stomach bug…. I was running a fever myself, so I sent Eli off to the babysitter– hopefully he won’t get the crud, too! We watched movies and tv ALL day; ironically, I enjoyed my sick day!

    Hope the fam feels better soon.

  2. ohh, I am dreading the sickies! WIth the older 2 in school, I know it will come….I hope the boys are feeling better in the morning!

  3. YUCK! I can’t stand it when my kids don’t feel good. The ONLY good thing about it is the nice cuddle time I usually get. Good luck. I hope it is short lived.

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