I took the kids to the park this afternoon.  This was by far my favorite conversation between the boys.

Connor: “Hey Logan.  Smell my butt.”

Logan: Leans in and sniffs.  “Ewwww!”

Seriously? Such boys.


When I told Derek about this little brotherly exchange, he simply looked at me and said, “well, are your surprised? How is that any different than a fart circle?”

And then I remembered that game I used to play with my little brother where we would draw a circle in the carpet, sit down in it to fart, and then smell the ground.

Yet another example of how the apple does not fall far from the tree.

And, just for the record, my brother and I no longer draw fart circles when we see each other.   We are much more refined and have graduated to the “pull my finger” game. 

8 Replies to “Boys”

  1. Sure Kristin. You can tell us that you never did a fart circle…but I don’t buy it 😉 lol Of course, I also would be that if Patrick made a fart circle today and dared Megan to smell it…she would!

    Brody tooted (yes…I can’t bring myself to call it a fart) the other day while he was buck naked and asked me to smell his bottom. GROSS! I refused. I bet his brother won’t refuse in a year or so…

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