The one where he bled all over the library

This week is book fair week at Connor’s school, and tonight was a special event called Literacy Night. We made an outing of it, and had fun playing games, seeing friends, listening to the principal read a story, and of course shopping at the book fair.  If there is one thing I love, it’s a good book fair.

Since this is a school wide event, the book fair (set up in the library) was absolutely packed.  I ran over at least 4 small children while trying to maneuver Camryn’s stroller through the throngs of people.  And I nearly knocked over a sweet little grandma, too.  We had just made it to the picture book section (which was all the way at the back of the room), when I felt my elbow knock into something small and child-like.  I’ll admit I was a bit relieved when I realized I had elbowed my own child.

The relief was very short lived as I saw the blood start to run down Connor’s face.  Here I am, by myself with 3 small children in a room absolutely packed to the gills.  I’m trying to get Connor to hold his hands under his nose, and for the love of all that is holy, can you please not blow out of your nose in order to get a better look at the blood? Logan is pulling on my arm to show me the book he found.  And Camryn is pulling the books off of the table and onto the floor, but not before putting each one in her mouth.   I realized there was no way that I could get everyone out of there quickly, so I gave Logan instructions to stay right there and keep and eye on Camryn.  Big brothers sometimes have to take on that kind of responsibility.  I started steering Connor through the crowd, and thankfully, one of the teachers realized our predicament and hurried ahead to get some paper towels.  We got the bloody nose under control fairly quickly, and Logan, in a all-star big brother moment was standing with Camryn exactly where I had left them.

Never a dull moment, I tell ya.  Never a dull moment.

I think that maybe it was all a big scheme set up by Connor in order to score the $24.00 “Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary”.  It’s good book fair etiquette to buy any of the books that your children bleed on.

4 Replies to “The one where he bled all over the library”

  1. I’m sorry, Meg… But, it’s a little bit funny;) And I appreciate a good “Friends style” title for a post… I’m going to have to remember that for future use on my own blog:)

  2. Oh man, your stories and your writing kill me! Sorry that happened to you, but hilarious on our end! 🙂 And I have no doubt you were completly composed the entire time, whereas I would have been freaking out! That’s awesome!

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