Sweet and Frilly

I wasn’t going to buy Camryn an all out Halloween costume.  I promise.  I really wasn’t.  She has these cute little butterfly wings and a sweet little tutu.  I was just going to use those and call it a day.

But then yesterday I was in Gymboree, doing a bit of shopping.  I stumbled upon this sweet little costume.  I checked the price tag…calculated the cost using my gymbuck….and put it into my maybe pile.  It wasn’t long before it went into my for sure pile.  I mean, seriously…how could I resist this?

fairy1 fairy2

And when I went to check out and it rang up on sale even more…it totally made my day!

Having a girl is just plain fun.  I think we will have to play dress up every day, just so I can squeal about the cuteness all over again.


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  1. Heeeeeheee. She is so cute! Hayden will be wearing the pumpkin version of this one! They are very similar! The girls are dressing in the Cinderella theme. So, we needed a little pumpkin!

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