I love looking at the kids’ schoolwork and seeing their little minds at work.  Tonight, Connor’s spelling assignment was to use all of his spelling words in a story.  Have you ever tried to construct a story using the words black, pants, grand, stamp, chat, class, plant, pack, mask, last, and graph?  Here is what Connor came up with (and I’ve written it exactly as he did): “A black bird floo over a graph with plants and masks.  The masks got the grand.  The plants war last.  The peple who made it stamped it.  And they started to chat.  They poot the graph in a pack.  They went inside to get there pants on.  And they heded to class.”  Why exactly were these diligent graphers pantsless?  We may never know.


Last night was open house at Logan’s preschool.  It’s always fun to talk with the teachers (who are the same amazing teachers he had last year), see the video of the kids doing their activities during the day, and bring home lots of the artwork he’s done so far this year.  One of the things I got to bring home was this picture he drew of our family.  I couldn’t wait to get home and ask him about who was who.


Camryn is on top of Derek’s head like that because “daddy is throwing her up in the air.”  And D is that color because he is “red hot daddy” which means he “can’t get hurt.  Or killed.”  I have the longest legs, because according to Logan “you have the biggest legs.”  And Noah?  Well, that’s his best friend.  He drew Noah instead of Connor because “Connor is at school.”   This picture definitely speaks volumes about C and L’s relationship over the past few weeks!  There are times when they get along great and are the best of friends.  And there are times, like right now, when they drive each other crazy.  But Noah?  He’s a true and solid bff.  In Logan’s mind, he might as well be family.

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