A list about my life

1. Connor has strep throat.  I’m praying that no one else gets it, but not holding my breath since Camryn and Logan both managed to drink after him before his doctor’s appointment today.

2. I have some major home reorganization plans that involve new furniture, a major toy purge, painting, and, when it’s all said and done, the boys no longer sharing a room.  These plans take up a lot of my thinking time, and also my computer time as I research exactly what I want to do. I can’t wait to get started!

3.  My Macbook got a facelift.  A back-everything-up, wipe it clean, and start from scratch facelift.  Getting everything back on it has been a bit of a task.  Well worth it though…it’s running like new and I have plenty of space.  Big thanks to my mom for taking care of it all!

4. D is finally back from a two week trip.  And it’s not the last trip this month.  My sister said it perfectly…”do you even have a husband this month?”  I guess all this travel makes up for the fact that he was home the entire month of September, which never happens.

5.  We always like it better when D is home with us (of course), but the kids and I have found a pretty good rhythm for when he is gone.  The secret?  Stay busy, take Megan time while all 3 are in school/mother’s day out, get a baby-sitter if needed, take it one day at a time, cook the worlds easiest meals, stay on top of the laundry and cleaning, and pray for lots of patience and happy attitudes all around.

6.  The kids and I went to visit the grandparents/aunts/uncles/cousins this weekend.  We went to the state fair and had a great time, minus Connor starting to get sick that day and the 50ish degree weather which is like arctic cold for us south Texans.  (Pictures of the fair to come.)

7. I had a conference with C’s 1st grade teacher this morning, and she had only great things to say about him.  What parent doesn’t love to hear good things about her child?  He loves 1st grade so much, and is so excited about everything they are learning.  I love it.

8.  I’m exhausted and need to go to bed.  Night!

4 Replies to “A list about my life”

  1. sounds busy! seriously, life with 3 kids is like no other. I could never begin to comprehend the craziness that was in store for me before having 3! I can see that you understand, completely! HA! Glad D is back, that is nice!

  2. I’m glad you guys have found a way to manage peacefully without D. I can imagine that 3 kids alone is pretty hard, but it sounds like you have it quite together. I hope that Connor gets better soon! Strep is miserable!

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