The Mom Pants, Part 2

So my friend Denise totally called it.  The pants are Dockers, and I have to say that I really am pleased with them.  You know, the hips just ain’t what they used to be before the birth of 3 kiddos!

I bought the Addison Flare Trouser Pants with the Sure Fit waist.  Sure Fit is just a fancy way of saying elastic.  But they don’t look elastic, I promise.

There have been a few other things that have happened lately that totally make me feel like I’m getting old growing up .  I have officially reached the point where I no longer even try stuff on from the juniors department.  Except when I went bathing suit shopping with Derek over the summer and we needed a good laugh.  I love that I can laugh at myself and my, um, shortcomings in a bikini made for a 17 year old.  There is the big 3-0 coming up in a few months.   I never get carded anymore.  One of my sister’s volleyball players asked if I was older than my sister…she’s older, and not just by a year or two.  (For the record, she does look amazing!)  And now, the mom pants have officially sealed the deal.  I am a grown up.  I choose to embrace it!

3 Replies to “The Mom Pants, Part 2”

  1. I love your ‘mom’ pants! They don’t look momish as all! 🙂 I used to be told how young I look, how I look like I’m in high school etc… even after college when I was teaching. Now: no way. Never carded anymore. Never getting those comments. Must either be the mommy bags under my eyes OR the gray hairs. I embrace them both… well I use eye cream and dye my hair. 🙂

  2. We don’t talk about the big 3-0 in my house! It’s better known as the 6th time a turn 25.

    The pants are cute…of course, the shot we got of them is pretty small, but they look good.

  3. The Pants are great! I get the Ideal Fit and I even have a pair of their Vintage line. Great stuff. No elastic on mine, but they don’t gap anywhere. Amazing! Embrace it baby. Your body is beautiful, and as long as you feel it, (and you should), wear those pants proudly!

    BTW, I loved making your blog! My first time! Yippee!

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