The mom pants

I went shopping a few weeks ago. My very simple, jeans and t-shirt wardrobe was in need of a few new things, so I headed to one of my favorite stores. It was a Monday morning, which means I was completely kid free for this shopping experience (a rare treat, indeed.) I browsed and tried on and browsed and tried on some more. It was delightful.

I found a couple of things: a few casual t-shirts, a pair of black capris, a couple of nicer shirts for church or dates, and a new pair of jeans. When I slipped these jeans on, I might have let out a little gasp at how well they fit. I have the hardest time finding jeans that fit all over. They are either too tight in the legs but fit in the waist, or fit in the legs and gap at the waist. These fit all over, plus I liked that they were a nice dark denim and almost looked like slacks. I figured I could dress them up or down. The only problem was they were just a bit too short, but a quick inspection of the hem resolved that problem. They could easily be lengthened.

So I happily purchased the jeans and left Kohl’s with a smile on my face.

The next week, the kids and I drove up to Arlington to go to the fair. I hadn’t had a chance to fix the pants, so I decided to take them to my mom. She is a way better seamstress than me, and seeing as these were like the greatest pants in the world, I didn’t want to risk messing them up.

We went to the fair and had a great time. At some point during the day, I took notice of the pants my mom was wearing. “Hmmm..” I said to myself. “Those look vaguely like my new pants.” I quickly dismissed that crazy thought. After all, while I am a mom, I don’t wear mom pants. But all day long, it plagued me. Finally, I asked my mom where she got them.

You know how this is going to end, right?

The pants I was so excited about are the exact same pants my mom has. And she had them first. And she also loves them and they are some of her favorite pants.

I suppose there are two possible conclusions I can draw from this experience. Is my mom just an exceptionally cool 60-ish year old grandma? Or am I turning into my mom and I’ve officially crossed over into wearing matronly clothes? Something tells me it’s the latter. After all, the pants do have a bit of elastic in the waist. That really should have been my first clue. I tell you what, though. They are some dang comfortable pants. And they fit me all over, waist and thighs. So I think I will just embrace my mom pants and wear them with pride.


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  1. LOL! ohhh, my. I am feeling for the first time in my life that I am getting older! I think little things like this don’t help us much!

  2. Looking good Megan! Wear those jeans with pride! (and, here’s a good “mom” tip…Macy’s sells the Docker brand, which has gone through a complete makeover. Pants are HIP and great colors and textures. and very affordable! They fit for those of us who’ve gone through childbirth!)

  3. oh my goodness Megan, you make me laugh. Nearly the whole time I was hoping you’d give details as to who makes the pants, etc. So, please, do share, for those of us oldies that are ready to embrace the new stage of “mom pants” also, a thank you to Denise for the info about Dockers, anything to help this “mom bod”.

  4. You know you can’t post that without telling us the brand and all other identifying information, right? After all, we’re all in need of a great pair of jeans/pants.

  5. I’d like to think I’m a stylish grandma rather than you getting matronly…. My secret is out-Dockers are made for the mom (someday grandma) body. At some point, comfort becomes all consuming!

  6. The only real conclusion that can be drawn here it that you are perhaps related to your mother, and therefore inherited some of her jeans, err… I mean genes.

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