room revealed!

I couldn’t find a single picture that showed this room before.  It was overflowing with toys, an office desk, and it was stark white.  No more of that!  Now it’s the oompa loompa/UT/Logan’s fave room.


This is the view from the French doors.  The bunkbed has some serious history.  My step-dad made it for my little brother when he was 3 years old.  I slept in the top bunk and Patrick had the bottom bunk from 1987-1990.  It’s crazy to me that Connor is just about the same age that I was when I had this bunkbed!  Oh, the stickers this bed has seen.  Is it like a universal kid thing to put stickers on a bed?  The color of the bed is not my favorite with the wall color (I think it would look amazing if it was white), but I can’t bring myself to change a thing about this bed so it’s staying as is, which I’m sure my mom and step-dad will be relieved to hear.


Here you can see the French doors that lead into the dining room.  I’m still trying to decide what to do with them.  Should I just leave the little paper blinds?  Make some curtains?  Do something with fabric on the dining room side like this?  I actually really love this and may just go for it…


(photo and idea courtesy of The Nester.)


Here is the view standing in front of the window.  I’m not even going to deny that I am super proud at how straight that stripe is!  That is not typically the sort of thing I am good at it, but I mastered the level this week.  Logan won’t actually get to use that closet there because it still has all the computer network/printer stuff.  He will eventually have a dresser in that spot between the closet doors and the other door.


Here I am after a full week of painting, but Cam was so cute she makes up for my raggedy-ness.  This was one of the most time consuming and frustrating painting projects I’ve done.  It took 2 full gallons of paint (and the room is really not that big.)  It took 4 coats (or 3 when I used a primer which is still crazy!).  It was the first big project I’ve done since Cam was born and I am exhausted!  I stayed up painting until after 11:00 every night, and with the time change, Camryn has been waking up at 6:00 every morning.  I’m so glad this project is done!  Of course, it’s just the first of many, but the next couple are not quite as intensive as this one.


Okay, so that last picture really has nothing to do with this post, I just like it.  Totally blurry but you can see Camryn about to attack me with a hug.  She is just too sweet.

So, what do you think?  I think it works, and while I wouldn’t have picked these colors without Logan’s encouragement, I really like how it turned out.  It suits Logan perfectly.  Seeing how much he loves it makes me love it even more.  As long as he doesn’t ever change his mind about the orange!  Because it’s staying for a good, long time.

13 Replies to “room revealed!”

  1. I have to say that I am really impressed! The blue stripe totally makes the room – what a great idea! It tones down the orange and makes the whole thing look professional. Are you sure you didn’t hire an interior decorator?

  2. That room looks fabulous. And Logan is so proud of it. I came home with a little orange paint idea of my own.:) Thanks for the inspiration. And thanks again for letting us completely mess up your weekend and crash at your place last night. It is a night that won’t soon be forgotten by my boys.

  3. It is great… the stripe is my fav part. Weaver has french doors in his room too. I just put up a rod and some curtians on his side- it has never been a problem, out of sight out of mind. Super cute room, meg!

  4. Big thumbs up on the room! I love the colors and the bed. I’ve got an idea for you about the French doors. We’ve got those doors on our home office and I found some cool, inexpensive blinds for them that I love. Later when I’m home, I’ll take a picture for you, but I do love the curtain idea.

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