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Okay, maybe not just pictures because who am I kidding…I always have a lot of words.  But they will be few tonight.  I feel like I am coming down with something, and apparently Camryn is in the same boat because she was running a fever when I picked her up from school today.   Sweet baby…she has the best teachers who were totally cuddling her and loving on her until I got there.

So, Connor’s soccer season is winding down.  He had his last practice tonight, and he has one more game this weekend.  This has been the best year of soccer yet.  We loved his coach, and Connor has improved so much this year.  I give this season five stars!


What cracks me up about this next picture is the 3 kids all from Connor’s team clustered together and the fact that Connor is strong arming one of his own teammates.  Gotta love 6 year old style soccer!  And this is even with the coaches teaching them to stay on their sides and in their positions.


In this next picture, doesn’t it look like Camryn is practicing her half time routine?  I really have no idea what she is doing, but I’m so glad I took the picture because it made me smile.


She’s cute and she knows it.   Notice the bow is gone.  She throws them down on the ground with great gusto, and I try a few times to get it back in her hair and then I just give up.  I think she is destined to be a tomboy with two older brothers.


I like how this outfit really accentuates her belly.  I don’t think we’ll get to wear it too many more times.  Good thing I bought her size 18 month clothes for winter and it’s not even cold yet and she’s outgrowing them.  If you look closely at her arms, you will also see many mosquito bites amidst the chub.  They are completely out of control.



Logan was there, too.  He’s just hard to take pictures of these days.  I did trick him into looking my direction while he and Derek kicked the ball back and forth.  He loves doing soccer drills with Derek, and I think next season he’s going to bring it on a team.  He’s got that natural athleticism and I’m excited to see him start to play sports!


So this is a pretty boring post, but I realized that I hadn’t documented in any way about this soccer season.  Like I said, it’s been a really good one, and I’m almost sad that it’s ending.

I’m off to bed and hope I can shake this yucky getting sick feeling by morning.  Good night!

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  1. super cute pics, Megan! I am feeling the same way tonight. feeling like I am fighting a cold. I am not surprised, I have been surrounded by sick these last few weeks. Hope you wake up feeling better!

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