Spazzy spazzy

I should have known that I would love seeing the Spazmatics in concert.  I mean, they were practically named for me.  But really, the best part of the evening wasn’t the fun concert.  It was surprising this girl to celebrate big 3-0:

Shauna's Birthday 004

You can see on her face that she was surprised. Her hubby did so good pulling the whole thing off!  And I was so happy that Derek and I were able to make our Thanksgiving vacation start early and be in Dallas on Friday night.  We had so much fun together, getting fancied up (well, I like that part…you know, actually fixing my hair and putting on make-up and jewelry and wearing my new high heel boots), and spending the night in Dallas.   Derek’s parents kept the kids overnight so we didn’t have to drive back to their house so late at night.  I love nights away in a hotel!

Shauna's Birthday 002

Anyway, back to the guest of honor.  I actually have a previous blog post completely dedicated to her.  Shauna and I met when we were about 14 at Sooner Youth Camp.  We lived together our freshman year at ACU, and she is one of my very best friends in the world.  Here we are back in 1998 at the ripe old age of 18.

And here we are at almost 30.  Shauna’s got 6 days until her big day and I still have a few more months.

Shauna's Birthday 007

Happy (almost) Birthday, Roomate! (And yes, we still call each other roomate and we always will.  We are roomates forever in our hearts.)   Enjoy your last week in your 20’s!

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