Bike Love

We love the new found freedom that no training wheels brings us.  Last Friday, the boys rode and I jogged with Camryn in the stroller to Connor’s school playground.  It was about 4 miles round trip, and it was a really great outing for a beautiful Friday afternoon.  Yesterday, the weather wasn’t quite as beautiful plus I wasn’t really up for a long run, so I walked and the boys rode around our neighborhood.  They loved riding through puddles as much as they love when I drive through them.




And Camryn was happy as lark in her jogger stroller.  I bought this baby at a garage sale for $25.  It’s one of my best and most used garage sale finds ever!  She loves it so much.  On our 4 mile trek last week, she never once complained or wanted to get out, and since this week was much shorter, she wasn’t even ready to get out once we got home.  Sometimes she just sits in it in the garage, without anyone even pushing her, just for fun!


Not too much going on this weekend, which is pretty nice.  Connor has a birthday party this afternoon, and I think we are going to go finally buy our new mattress and go out to eat tonight.  Wish us luck taking all the kids mattress shopping!  Two boys in a mattress store…that just seems like a recipe for disaster.

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