Lesson Learned

On Wednesday nights we go eat dinner at our church.  It’s great for everyone.  I don’t have to cook and the kitchen stays clean (okay, assuming it got cleaned in the first place which was not so much the case last night which is why I have a sink full of dishes this morning…), the food is great, the company is great, the kids love going, and it’s affordable at only $12 for our entire family to eat.  Last night, we were all getting ready to go, putting on shoes and jackets.  Like most of the country, it’s been cold here.  Well, cold for Houston with highs only in the 40s or 50s.  Everyone needs to wear a jacket, especially if your a 7 year old boy who will only wear short sleeve shirts.

“Connor, come get your jacket on.  It’s time to go to dinner.”

“Mom, I don’t need a jacket.” said Connor.

“Yes you do.  It’s 40 degrees outside and you have on short sleeves.”

“It’s not cold!  I won’t be cold!  I don’t need my jacket.”

“Connor, we know what we’re talking about.  You need your jacket!” Derek said.

“Daaaaddd….it’s NOT even cold!”

I suddenly had a brilliant idea.

“Fine, Connor.  Don’t wear your jacket.  But you better not complain that it’s cold.  We’ve tried to warn you, but if you really want to go out there in short sleeves, then fine.  Just go get in the car.”

It takes me another minute or two to get Camryn all situated with a fresh cup of milk, and Connor was obediently waiting outside by the car.  Derek locked up the house while I buckled Cami into her carseat.

I heard a little voice from coming from the backseat.

“Mom?  Can you go inside and get my jacket?”

The answer was of course, no, you chose to go without your jacket and the consequence is you are going to be cold for a few minutes.

This morning, we almost had the same conversation as last night.

“Connor, come get your jacket.  It’s time to go to the bus stop.”

“Mom, I don’t need my….oh, nevermind.”

I love when this whole parenting thing works out like that.  Lesson learned.


I think it was a miracle that I got them to all sit in the same spot and look my general direction for a second!  And do you like Connor’s pants?  Every single pair except two have holes in the knees.  The temptation so skid across the industrial carpet in p.e. proves to be too much for Connor.  Maybe he’ll learn another lesson when it’s shorts weather again and he does his little skid move.  I have a feeling that it won’t be nearly as fun with shorts on.  He also might learn a lesson if he rips his last 2 pairs of pants and has to use his own money to buy  a new pair…


On an unrelated note, I’ve been blogging on my photography blog lately, so if you’re interested in keeping up with that new side of my life, here is the link. (and if you subscribe with a reader, the link you need to use is /feed instead of /blog) I’m sure there will be some photography stuff on here, but for the most part, the photography blog will be where I share my sessions, and this blog will still be just how it’s always been.

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  1. One of my friends said her dad used to say, “Suzanne put on your coat, your mother is cold.”
    Have you been to Love and Logic parenting classes?Natural consequences are a tough lesson.Love your BLOG.

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