She’s got the rad moves

Check out this movie of Camryn getting down.  She cracks me up!

(you may have already seen part of this on Facebook, but I had to put it on the blog for grandparents and non-facebook people, too.)

And perhaps just as funny as the dancing is Logan’s new favorite kind of music.  He keeps the radio in his room tuned to Tejano music and falls asleep every night listening to it.  I love it!

8 Replies to “She’s got the rad moves”

  1. My first thought with the music was “don’t you live in south TX?” and the booty in the air reminded me of the yoga pose for downward dog. Ha, she is too cute with her dance moves!

  2. Megan,
    That was hilarious. Question: did she inherit those moves from her father or her mother?
    Thanks for making me laugh really hard both times I watched it today.

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