Spring Break: Part 3

Wednesday was a big day for Derek and Ryan.  Ryan’s birthday was on Monday, and Maggie had the great idea for the guys to go skydiving together as a birthday present.  It only makes sense that they would do this together since they bungee jumped together 10 years ago the night before Derek and I got married.

I think the pictures really tell the story for this fun event…

First there are the waivers and the forms.  They pretty much had to sign their lives away…


Then it was time to get all harnessed up.  Please do a good job!


Both guys all ready to go!


Then it was time for some final pictures…you know, just in case.




And a picture of the supportive wives.  Where would they be without us?


Camryn had this worried look on her face a lot that morning.  I’m sure that she had no idea exactly what the guys were about to do, but she could sense that it wasn’t something normal!


Finally, it was time to go.


And about 20 minutes later, Derek floated harmlessly back to the ground.


Ryan followed just a few minutes later.


They both seemed happy to be back on the ground.



Camryn was happy, too.  She sure loves her daddy!


The peanut gallery.  These kids are so much fun!  They had a great time on this little adventure.  There was plenty of space to run around and plenty of iPhones and snacks when they needed a diversion.


Overall, Derek and Ryan enjoyed it.  I think that Derek liked it more than Ryan.  Derek would definitely do it again someday.  I think I’ll join him next time!

You might think this was enough activity for one day, but nope!  After lunch and a little bit of playtime at my house, we headed to the Kemah Boardwalk.  It was fun, but so packed!  The kids only had time to do a handful of rides.


Camryn finally crashed when we rode the train.  I wasn’t surprised because she had pretty much only catnapped in the car every day.  And by this point, it was like 9:30 at night.  Way past bedtime!  She really was great though.  I think it’s a third baby thing.  They are used to just going along with whatever is happening!  Oh, and do you like Derek’s headbands?  That was Camryn’s doing, and I think D forgot they were on his head.


We finally got home after 10:00 and needless to say, everyone crashed.  In fact, Connor walked into the house, sat down on the couch and fell asleep.  We really know how to wear the kids out!

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