Happy Easter

Has it really been almost 2 weeks since I blogged?  What is up with my blogging lately??  I used to love blogging, but lately I just haven’t felt like I’ve had any blog worthy stories.  My kids still say and do funny and cute things, but I either don’t remember them or I don’t write them down.  I need to get back to my blogging roots and get some better posts on here!

Since my last post, we survived another week of Derek traveling to Germany.  The single mom thing is hard!  We get in a pretty good rhythm of things, but man am I exhausted by the time he gets home!

We’ve had a few days of school vacation, birthday parties, Easter egg hunts, soccer practices, and so on and so forth.

We had a good Easter.  Derek worked sound at church this morning, which means he was gone before the rest of us were even out of bed.  The kids got up and were thrilled to find their baskets with a few treats inside.  The each got a book, a chocolate bunny, and a few Easter eggs.  Camryn got some stickers in her basket…stickers are her current obsession.  I will be peeling stickers off every part of her body and every surface of my house for the next several weeks.

I tried to take a picture of the kids all dressed up before church, but none of them turned out very well.  For one thing, it was still really dark and cloudy and the kids were a little grumpy and I was frazzled from getting everyone out the door on my own. Pretty typical Sunday morning, especially on the mornings when Derek is gone.

We had a relaxing afternoon.  Derek took the kids to the park, and I made a big Easter dinner.  I made ham, homemade au gratin potatoes, rosemary buttered rolls (both The Pioneer Woman’s recipe…they were delish!), and salad.  It was a yummy dinner, and maybe only the second or third big Easter meal I’ve ever made.  I cook for my family, but I don’t love to cook if that makes sense.  So it always just seems like way too much work to do the whole Easter meal when I could just do spaghetti or tacos or leftovers.  I guess I was feeling extra domestic this week because not only did I plan and cook this big dinner, but I planted flowers, mulched in the front yard, and planted tomatoes and cucumbers.  And I cleaned almost the entire house one day, and started decluttering the kitchen cabinets.  Yup, I was definitely having an extra domestic week!

While we were waiting for the dinner to finish cooking, we did an Easter egg hunt with the kids.  The kids loved it. Every time Camryn found an egg, she would have to immediately open it and see what kind of treasure was inside.  (By the way, do you like her shoes?  They were the ones she insisted on wearing all day.  My girl loves shoes!  And I love her big, round baby belly!)


Logan found an extra tricky camouflage one hidden in the tall grass.


This next picture cracks me up.  Connor is busy counting, very concerned about everyone finding their designated number of eggs, while Camryn stands there with her finger up her nose.


Camryn became very concerned that someone was going to take her eggs, or even worse, the “nanny” inside the eggs!


My three babies with their finds.  While it’s not the greatest picture ever, they were much more cooperative with the picture taking than they had been that morning.  The fact that I declared it a “free candy day” probably didn’t hurt.  That’s right…my kids loved me extra today because I told them that for one day they could eat as much candy as they wanted without even asking.  And then tomorrow we would be back to our normal one piece a day rule.


I have to repost this picture from last Easter.  Look how much they have all grown!


I hope y’all (all 5 readers that might still check this thing) had a fabulous Easter weekend!  I’m so thankful for my Jesus, for his sacrifice, his love, the miracle of the cross, and the promise of eternity with him!  Happy Easter!

5 Replies to “Happy Easter”

  1. sounds like a great Easter! 🙂 I love seeing that photo from last year again. That photo is sooo adorable! I think that Connor & Camryn have changed the most! Isn’t it amazing what a year does?! oh, PS: I agree, the single mom thing stinks. I get so warn down.

  2. Such cute pictures! I cooked our easter dinner yesterday for the first time and felt like a real mom. Funny how something small can mean so much. I am going to try and post our pictures today.

  3. I’ve been cutting you some slack because I knew Derek was gone to Germany, but I was actually getting ready to call you and ask why you weren’t blogging! Thanks for giving me my grandkid fix!

  4. Well Camryn has some wonderful taste, cuz her shoes are sooo cute.
    Look at you being all “domesticated”. Awesome! I hope one of these days I’ll begin to have that desire to be domisticated. Right now, I’m just happy if I get a load done and put away and wash the babies bottles. Know what I mean?
    Glad you had a happy Easter! Huggs.

  5. I love her “don’t touch my eggs!” look!!!

    We didn’t get a pic of our kids dressed up this year either. Well…we got one with all the cousins after the egg hunt…but that was after lunch…and after their “Sunday best” wasn’t really “best” anymore! lol

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