I wish bluebonnets lasted all year {League City Family Photographer}

They are gorgeous!  And I don’t even live in part of Texas where they bloom everywhere.  But I am so glad that a friend tipped me off to this field in my area (It’s in League City).

I had my first bluebonnet session last night with some good friends of mine.  Their boys are busy, but so fun!  They had no interest in taking pictures.  They were all about running around and having fun.  But, we made it work, and we came away with several cute ones.

I do have a few spots left for mini sessions on Saturday.  Here is an example of what you’ll get on a cd from those sessions, plus you get a 5×7 of your choice.

I seriously want to make my whole yard a field a bluebonnets.  For some reason, I think our homeowner’s association would frown on that. 🙂  So I guess I’ll just stick with this field.  It really is beautiful!

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