Galveston Day

Okay, it’s been less than 2 weeks so I guess I’m back to regular blogging.  Ha!  I really do have several posts written in my head, so we’ll see how long they take to get on here.

Derek had a conference in Galveston this week at the San Luis Resort and I decided that the kids and I needed to take advantage of that.  I originally thought we might all go spend the night at the hotel, but then I remembered how poorly we all sleep in the same room.  Staying in a hotel together is one of those things that is way more fun in my head than it actually turns out to be.  Besides that, we ended up having a girl’s night out on Monday night to celebrate a birthday.  So I hired a baby-sitter and went out to dinner instead.  Definitely the right choice!

Tuesday morning, we were all on the road to Galveston by 9:20, which is nothing short of a miracle considering how excited the kids were about this day since I let Connor stay home from school to go with us.  I declared it his mental health day.  Once we arrived in Galveston, we made a quick stop at the grocery store for rations: popcorn, pringles, beef jerky for Connor, and a sippy cup for Camryn.  (I could have sworn that she had her cup in her hand when we walked out the door, but I found it when we got home on the bookshelf.  Oops!)

The kids loved sitting on the balcony of Derek’s room.  It overlooked the pool and the ocean.  So pretty!  (Even if Galveston isn’t the prettiest beach in the world, it still looks nice from far away.)  After some snacks, we headed to the pool for some swimming.  One of the things we were all looking forward to was the slide.  But the water in the slide pool was freezing!  It didn’t stop Connor, but I had no interest in going on it, and Logan freaked out 3 times before I finally told him he was not allowed to go on the slide again.  He would plunge into the water, start screaming and flailing, completely forget how to swim, swallow a bunch of water, and come out crying.  I’m amazed it took him 3 times to figure out it was not fun!

Camryn was (thankfully) very cautious.  In fact, she only got all the way in on the steps once.  She ended up losing her balance and falling under. I was right there to grab her, but unlike Logan, it only took her once to figure out she didn’t like that.  After that, she only wanted to sit with me on the side, lounged from chair to chair, and was perfectly content watching her brothers swim from a distance.  That made being at the pool with 3 kids borderline relaxing!



After awhile, the kids wanted to walk down to the beach.  We grabbed our toys and headed over, but we didn’t stay long.  It was crazy windy and pretty cold.  The pool was much more pleasant, so after about 45 minutes, we headed back to the San Luis.




Finally, at 3:00, the kids were done.  We headed up to the room to clean up, watch tv, and relax until Derek was done with meetings and could join us for dinner.  We walked over to the Rainforest Cafe where I thought we would kill some time by riding the river ride.  Logan voted big fat no on that one.  He freaked out walking through the dark tunnel!  I guess Rainforest Cafe can be a little overwhelming.  I thought I would take him into the restaurant and show him what the ride would be like.  Of course, we walked in right as one of the “thunderstorms” was starting, and that was it.  He ran out, crying.  I wasn’t even sure we would be able to eat there after that!  But a little stuffed animal purchase, a pep talk from dad, and we were good to go.  He still didn’t like the thunderstorms, but he managed.  Surprisingly, Cam never freaked out, and Connor loved it.


After dinner, he was much happier waiting outside while Derek and Connor rode the river ride.


We finally headed home about 6:00.  We made an ice cream stop and once we got home, everyone went straight to bed.  I even fell asleep on the couch at 8:45, which is very rare for me, especially when Derek is not here!   We were all so worn out.  I couldn’t help but think about the summer after our day…it was a fun day, but exhausting.  That pretty much sums up summer days.  Only 38 more school days to go…

(all pictures taken with my iPhone.  So handy!  And even handier since I finally figured out how to get the pictures on my computer, which really isn’t complicated at all.  I just never thought to do it.  318 pictures later, I’m all downloaded!)

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  1. looks like you wore that bikini, yay! 😉 and yeah, we went to the rainforest about a week ago and elli had the same reaction as logan except with some screaming here and there, lol.

  2. My IPhone pictures look terrible! How did you get your to not be grainy? Mine look great on the teeny tiny phone screen, then I put them on the computer and they look bad. So frustrating!

    The trip looks like a lot of fun. Our Rainforest Cafe doesn’t have a river ride. Perhaps it’s because there’s no river near it.

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