Last weekend, I offered bluebonnet mini sessions, and I had 6 families come out and let me take pictures of them.  It was great!  I love the bluebonnets.

That being said, I have never even taken pictures of my own kids in the bluebonnets!  I decided to take them out on Wednesday night with the promise of Sprinkles frozen yogurt afterward.  (random sidenote…did you know that afterwards is not a word according to spell check?  I guess afterward is the correct way to say it.  Weird.  I always add an “s”!)

I didn’t get any pictures of the three of them together.  Typical.  I can get other kids to laugh and look at me and smile, but my own kids are so much harder.  I did get some good individual ones at least.

This one is so Connor.  He is big time in that awkward, closed-lip smile phase.   I could not crack him. He always buttons the top button on his shirt.  Always.


Logan, on the other hand, is all smiles.  Even with the attitude he’s had lately (we are in one of those testing the boundaries phases with him…), it’s still so easy to get him to break into that famous Logan smile.


And Miss Cami J.  Full of personality.  I couldn’t pick just one of her, so she gets a collage.


We had a really fun night.  I love these three munchkins!

4 Replies to “Bluebonnets”

  1. I love bluebonnet pictures too and these are GREAT Megan!! They would look great in one of those divider collage frames! *Then they can at least be somewhat together in a picture!! 😉 My brothers and I used to be the saaaame way!

  2. So cute! I wish we had some free time to come down and let you take pictures of us. You did a great job! Your kids are precious too, by the way!

  3. Hey! Thanks so much for your comments about Sam and his soccer. I was really struggling with what to do and it just helps to know that someone else has been there. So thanks for the encouragement. And good to know that he always wanted to keep playing. Sam has also said nothing about quitting and we aren’t going to let him…so thanks for the advice. Nice to know that my kid is not the only one.
    Again, glad you have been there…done that!

  4. Must be the ages! My boys are doing the SAME thing!! Can you PLEASE come to Arlington and take some pics????? These are GREAT!!!!

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