I think there are mice in my attic

The title has nothing at all to do with this post.  I’m just sitting here in bed (when I should really be asleep) and I keep thinking I hear mice in the attic.  Oh, and today I stepped on a gecko inside my house and felt it wiggle under my bare foot.  Of course, when I stepped on it, I had no idea what it was.  I just knew I felt a tickle under my foot and prayed it wasn’t a roach.  Upon closer inspection, the writhing, wiggling object was only part of the gecko.  Did you know that a gecko’s tail continue to squirm for quite some time after becoming removed from the body?  Yeah.  They do.  I really could have done without first hand experience of that little fun fact.

Have I mentioned yet that I drank coke with dinner tonight?  Let me give you a little equation.  Megan+caffeine after 5:00 p.m=no sleeping.  There are other factors in that equation like the ever growing to-do list that’s racing through my mind and the fact that I think I hear little creatures in the attic and that I stepped on a gecko tonight and I have no idea where the rest of the little guy is or if he is plotting his revenge by climbing into my bed or maybe into my nose or ear.  Oh, and there is a wasp that has been trying desperately to get out of my dining room by flying repeatedly into the window.  But I don’t know where it is now.  I just know it’s inside my house.

God loves all creatures, big and small.  And it is spring time which I guess means they are out in full force.

I just wish they would leave my house.

So, since my last blog post (10 days ago!  So sorry, grandparents!), we’ve been up to lots of fun things.

Camryn is officially in a big girl bed.  No reason to move her out of the crib (i.e. no more little Thurman’s expected any time in the near future!), but no reason to keep her in the crib, either.  A friend of ours gave us the bed and so I thought I would let her try it out.  She has done amazing with it.  Stays in it all night, at nap time, but loves to climb in and out the rest of the day and smiles so big when you talk about her big girl bed.   She is really growing up!


She loves my phone.  Loves to listen to “mumic” and loves to talk to daddy.  And as you can see from her knee, she is busy trying to keep up with her boys.  She is pretty rough and tumble, which I guess it to be expected with 2 big brothers!


She is still my most willing subject as I practice, practice,and practice some more.


With the gorgeous weather we’ve had lately, we’ve been busy playing in the backyard…making mud…playing in the sprinkler…eating ice cream…I can’t believe how much the boys still play with this tiny swing set.  The swings are long gone, but the bar is perfect for acrobatics!


Want some hairstyling tips?  Need a little extra oomph?  Just add a little ice cream to your locks, and you’re guaranteed to get that bed head look.   It also helps if you wear a super high pony tail for part of the day.  Oh, and also get your bangs to that awkward growing out stage.   Girlfriend is a mess!


I planted a small container garden this year.  Our tomatoes and cucumbers are growing brilliantly and I can’t wait to see if it actually produces some vegetables!


Life is just sweet right now.  Busy….but so sweet.  I love these days, this season of life.  Even when I feel like I might lose it if I have to break up one more argument, pour one more glass of milk, get one more snack, wipe one more bottom or nose, or listen to one more story about Star Wars.  Even when all I can think about is getting to those precious hours after bedtime.  Even in the middle of Derek’s busy travel season and single mom-hood more weeks that I care to count, this life is so sweet and I wouldn’t trade these crazy years for anything in the world.



Now to try to sleep.  Wish me luck.  And pray the critters stay away from my bed!

5 Replies to “I think there are mice in my attic”

  1. I found you at Paper Trunk & wanted to have a little look-see! What adorable kiddos! I love your everyday life interpretations – so much like the way I think!

    PS: I have stepped on a snake barefoot that left his tail under my foot, so I’m reliving that moment with your gecko experience. EWWW!!

  2. i enjoyed all of this post, but sadly my comment is going to revolve around the shallow… camryn’s outfit in her photo shirt is too much! i am in love with that fabric and little ruffles on the shirt.

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