1. i love to watch lifetime movies.  you know, those movies that are like after school specials on the lifetime channel.  i love them!

2. most of the time, i think that showers are a waste of time.  fixing my hair and putting on make-up beyond a little bit of powder also falls into the waste of time category.  but the shower thing especially.  i sometimes have to force myself to shower, which i have come to the realization lately is kind of weird and probably a little bit gross.  i can just think of so many things i would rather do than take a shower!  but i promise i don’t stink (i don’t, do i??)

3.  whenever i see an especially long funeral procession it makes me really sad because i think it was someone young who died.

5. remember that movie “never been kissed”? remember the part where josie thinks she is going to the prom with the most popular boy in school and he shows up and throws eggs at her?  that part makes me cry every single time i watch it.  every time.

6.  blue bell caramel kettle crunch ice cream is the best new flavor of ice cream ever.  so good.

7. i like to do laundry.  it’s the one chore that I am pretty good at.  98% of the time, I’m caught up.  I have even started overcoming my dislike of putting laundry away.   now mopping?  cleaning the shower?  i hate those jobs.  Anyone want to trade laundry duty for mopping/shower duty?

8. i sometimes think about having another baby.  in my daydreams, it’s always another girl who is just as sweet and spunky as camryn.

9. Whenever I see a trash bag on the side of the road, I have horribly morbid thoughts about what could be inside the bag.

10.  Obviously, I have some issues.  I mean, what kind of person thinks such horrible things?

11.  When I had children, I never imagined that lessons such as this would need to be taught:

I mean, I really thought that some things were just instinctive.  But judging by Monday afternoon’s drama, apparently they are not.  Being a mom is so much different than I thought it would be.

12.  Public tantrums do not phase me anymore.  I can still remember the embarrassment I felt as Connor threw public tantrums (and trust me….he threw some doozies.  He’s always been my most…shall I say volatile kid.)  As Camryn threw herself face down on the floor at the library this morning because she didn’t get her way, I was able to stay completely calm, totally ignore her, and continue my conversation with my friend.  Two minutes later she was up and we were checking out.  And when she refused to hold my hand through the parking lot and instead sat herself down with a resounding “NO!” which resulted in her being carried kicking and screaming to the car, my blood pressure didn’t even begin to rise.

13.  I’m confident in my parenting choices.  I will not reason with my 2 year old.  I will not give in to tantrums.  I don’t care if people stare; they can think what they want.  Ugly behavior will be ignored.  I am in charge, end of story.  I’m not your friend.  I’m your mom.

14.  I love school supply shopping so much that I don’t think I’ll ever buy them the easy way through the PTA.  I sort of complained about having to go to 3 different stores to find what we needed and even then had to have my mom mail me a few things from Arlington, but really deep in my heart of hearts, I didn’t mind it.

15.  I also love new calendars and planners.  I just got my new MomAgenda calendar in the mail.  Swoon.

16.  I love budgeting and sticking to it.  Nothing makes me happier than having cash for our groceries and entertainment and only spending that and not one dime more.  And don’t even get me started on how good it feels to make that extra car payment and save more.  I get positively giddy about it.

17.  I wish I was a good dancer.  I wish I had taken gymnastics as a kid.  I wish I had played volleyball in college. I wish Houston had weather like California.

18.  i really, really like blogging.  i wonder if i will do this forever?

9 Replies to “confessions”

  1. Wow girl- you do have some issues!!! Well, if everyone had to do this, we would know everyone has their own issues.
    I totally agree with you, showering is a waste of time. but yes, I also do it anyway. sometimes.

  2. 12 & 13 are wonderful! what an incredible feeling to have such confidence in your parenting choices. sometimes my blood still boils!

    ditto 14. no PTA to use since we homeschool, but shopping for school stuff is so much fun! i love school!

    and ditto 17. i am seriously going to take adult ballet when i get a chance! you should take a dance class too!!!

  3. I loved this post! Definitely had me laughing…especially the note from Conner! Oh my! I’m still wiping away tears from that one! Mainly because, well, because I have boys too…and like you, I don’t understand them at all!!!

  4. I knew I liked you! I do NOT like laundry but I DO have the same thoughts about the trash bag!!! Morbid right! And I laughed so hard when I saw the note from Connor. Awesome.

  5. AGREED on showering! I HATE taking showers, always have, always will!!! You should save that note and show it to your boys when they get older. My parents are showing me all sorts of things they have saved or found over the years, it makes for some fun reminiscing!!

  6. I love you and your list! It’s 5:22 am in my hospital room w/ my boys asleep on the fold out bed and when I saw C’s note I think I woke them up from laughing out loud! Of course your blog title has me singing the mash up from the Glee soundtrack!

  7. You crack me up….and I love reading your blog….it always makes me smile, especially when Camryn is twirling in her tutu. I almost twirled on sunday at church, because I had on a skirt that twirls….something you never out grow.

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