Attention Sports Fans

I know right now, it’s all about baseball.  Especially if you live in Texas since the Rangers are doing great for the first time in forever.  Or it’s all about football.  Let’s stop for a moment and reflect upon a sport that takes true perseverance and skill.

I’m talking about U6 soccer.  Is there anything cuter?  There are so many entertaining things about a bunch of 5 year olds playing soccer.

There is the tunnel vision.  All they care about is the ball.  They don’t care about teams; it’s all about the ball.  They don’t discriminate between their own players and the opposing team.

I can’t even count how many times per game a coach or parent says “same team, guys!  Same team!”

And there are plays like this.

Logan’s got the ball!  And a clear path to the goal!  Go, Logan, go!

But down…


Goes.  So close.

But he was vindicated a few minutes later when he scored on this play.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled sports events.  Coming up soon: a feature on U8 soccer.

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