The T Family {Pearland Texas Family Photographer}

One of my favorite parts of my job is getting to meet new people, and the family I got to spend the afternoon with yesterday was no exception.  I love when I meet new clients and within  a few minutes, we are chatting away like old friends.  And they definitely felt more like friends when I couldn’t find my keys at the end of our session.  They waited so patiently to make sure I wasn’t going to be stranded.  Thankfully, I did find the keys (and a few memory cards and two lollipops that fell out at the same time.)  Lesson learned: put the keys in a zippered pocket!

Anyway, here are a few sneak peeks!  I think you’ll be able to see why I loved this family so much. First of all, they were beautiful.

And they were fun.

Mr. B. was full of life and and energy, and I tell you what, he knows his dinosaurs!  I’m pretty sure we saw a few velociraptors (or at last some velociraptor caves and possibly even some droppings…)  He’s a great kid.  I love 5 year old boys.

Miss A. was sweet and spunky, and cute to boot!  She loves her big brother, loves to swing, and loves princesses and shiny things.  She is such a precious (almost) 3 year old!  Again, I love this age.

Thank you so much, T family, for coming out yesterday!  I’m so glad the weather cooperated for us, and I had a great time.  I can’t wait to show you the rest of your gallery!

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  1. Yeah well all those reasons you posed about these great peoples is all true…Mrs. ST I miss you and yes your family is a knock out!!!! Big Kisses and many missses…Mary Kate

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