Crazy but fun! {Clear Lake Texas Child Photographer}

I think these three kiddos win the award for the busiest kids I’ve taken pictures of yet!  They totally had me sweating chasing them around.  I have so much respect for mom and dad!  It’s not easy having a 3 year old boy and twin 19 month old girls!  But they are so cute and so sweet, and I really had fun getting these shots!  Thanks so much, S family!  Can’t wait to show you the rest!

Miss E was all over the place, but with the help of my trusty stool, I got this. 🙂  Even the busiest of kiddos will usually sit on my special stool for a minute!  And can I just say that I have curl envy with her hair?  It’s so adorable!

Miss R, on the other hand, sat in this spot and smiled away.  Aren’t her eyes amazing?!  They are so big and so expressive!

And Mr. M…I actually got to take pictures of him a few weeks ago at his preschool.  He was an old pro!  I love his grin in this one.

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