Oh Christmas Tree

Alternately titled “The Post the Grandparents Will Love Because of an Overabundance of Pictures.”

On Saturday afternoon, we headed out for what has become my very favorite Christmas tradition: cutting down our Christmas tree.  We love to go to Dewberry Farm because not only do they have the trees, but there is tons of other fun stuff for the kids to do, not to mention the homemade kettle corn and fudge.  This years trip did not disappoint!

After about an hour drive, we arrived at the farm. Can you feel the excitement?!

First up, a little play time.  There was a lot of sliding…

A little bit of swinging…

And a hayride out to the Christmas trees. The boys were super excited about the hayride.

Camryn, on the other hand, was quite distressed by the whole idea.  She kept crying “walk!  walk!”

But she eventually settled into Derek’s arms for the ride.

I say by Logan, and he made this face pretty much the whole time in order to avoid having his photo taken.  Little stinker.  Little cute stinker, that is.

We finally arrived at the trees.  We listened to a few instructions…

and then it was time to find that perfect tree!

I love Logan’s approach to the Christmas tree hunt.  He is thrilled with every single one, and thinks that every tree is the one.   I just love his enthusiasm!

Connor, on the other hand, is thoughtful and methodical in his tree inspections.  Not as many get the Connor seal of approval.

Finally, we have a winner!  She’s an 8.5 foot tall beauty.

Under the watchful eyes of the kids, Derek gets to work with the saw while I stand back and take pictures and cheer on the crew.

The nice workers take our tree to get all shaken up and bundled while we head back to the trailer for another hayride.

(Camryn was a little more chilled out about the hayride the second time around.  She still had a pretty tight grip on Derek, but there were no tears.  That’s a victory in my book.)

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

Overall, it was a great evening.  This tradition is just as fun as I remember it being.  Here’s to many more fun family memories!

PS.  It was 80 degrees that day.  Gotta love Houston!

PPS.  Just for kicks…here we are cutting down our tree in 2008…


and 2010.

6 Replies to “Oh Christmas Tree”

  1. I LOVE that picture of Derek throwing Camryn up in the air. I mean, I LOVE IT. I want to blow it up and put it as the centerpiece above my mantle. People might wonder though and I’d have a lot of explaining to do. But if it weren’t for that I’d totally do it. Pure joy. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

  2. There is something so wrong about cutting down a Christmas tree in shorts and t-shirts. It looks like a fun tradition though. If I weren’t so into the whole fake tree scene, I’d have to find someplace like that too!

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