roller coasters are my favorite

We managed to go to Six Flags not once, but twice during our week in Arlington.  I love, love, love Six Flags.  I love it so much, in fact, that we decided to get season passes this year despite the fact that we don’t even have one in Houston anymore.  They make the passes such a good deal, and it’s crazy expensive to go for one day, so it was really only $25 more per person to get passes that were good for Holiday in the Park and all of this year.  I’m so excited to take the kids more!

The first day we went, Tuesday, it was rainy and 40 degrees.  Definitely not ideal conditions, but it was awesome!  We just bundled up and enjoyed riding all the rides we want with literally no lines.  There were rides where the kids didn’t even have to get off.  They could just ride it again and again.  We had a great time and stayed for about 4 hours before we were all cold and cranky.  Well, maybe it was just a certain 2 year old who was cranky.  I can’t really complain though.  She did awesome and even though she didn’t want to do any rides, she was totally contest to just chill out in her stroller.

On Thursday, we headed back to Six Flags for round two.  This time Patrick and Noel joined us, and James, Kathy, Justin, and Kayla met us there.   It was so much fun!  But it was crowded.  The same rides that we rode over and over again on Tuesday had a 30 minute wait on Thursday.  But that definitely didn’t stop us from having tons of fun!  When we go there, I made everyone take this picture in front of the Titan.  According to Connor’s 2011 Guinness Book of World Records, this ride is the 8th fastest in the world topping out at 85 miles an hour and going up like 350 feet.

Noel isn’t a roller coaster lover like the rest of us, so she happily took the kids to ride a few smaller rides while Derek, Patrick, and I rode the Titan.  I wish I had a picture to show for it.  It was awesome!  I can’t even remember the last time I rode a huge roller coaster like this.  I wasn’t sure I still had it in me, but I am happy to say that at 30 years old, roller coasters still terrify me and thrill me and I still scream the entire time and then immediately want to ride it again.   James and Kathy had 4 special fast pass things, so Patrick and I even got to ride it again with them (there was no way I was going to wait in the line again.  We waited about 45 minutes in the morning, but by the afternoon, I think the wait was at least double that.)

Noel was the keeper of the camera while we rode the Titan, and I loved looking at the pictures she took!  Looks like the boys had a great time, too.

Patrick and Noel were so good with the boys.  There was a lot of waiting that had to be done, and waiting plus Connor and Logan equals antsy, crazy boys.  But P and N just took it all in stride, even when the boys tried to make a Patrick and Noel sandwich.

We rode the Shockwave.  See Derek and Patrick there?

Connor and I also rode, but C wanted to be at the front so we had to wait a little longer.  And by a little, I mean like 30 minutes.  Some safety alarms went off (turned out to be nothing) and then a few parties with a handicapped child came through and of course wanted to ride in the front row.  But it was totally worth the wait!  This was Connor’s first time to ride the Shockwave, which has two loops.  He looked a little panicked after the loops, but by the end he totally loved it and wanted to ride it again.  He’s a lot like me…he’s terrified in the moment, but in the end he loves it.

All too quickly, it was time for the last ride of the day.  For Patrick and I, it was the Titan.  For Derek and the boys, it a spinny ride that the boys loved.  I love this picture of the three of them!

And isn’t Derek’s face awesome in this shot??

The boys had such a fun day that they didn’t even complain when I wanted a picture of the 4 of us. (Cami stayed behind and had a special day with Mamaw and Pawpaw.)

I also set my camera up for a group shot.  I just wish James, Kathy and the kids had been there for this pic.  They were doing their one last ride before we all headed back to Mamaw’s house for our big prime rib Christmas dinner.

As you can see by our smiles, it was a brilliant day.

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