He really is so good to her

If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know that Connor can be quite intense at times.  We’ve had some really hard times with him, and there were days, months, maybe even years when “control your body and your hands” was our mantra.  There were times when I wondered if he would ever learn to think of others, if he would ever realize how other people are affected by his words and his actions.  Maybe all parents wonder this.  Maybe especially those of us with strong willed, spirited boys.  At any rate, those difficult days (for the most part) seem like a distant memory.  Maybe it’s just the calm before the storm of the teenage years.  Maybe it’s just the eye of this hurricane called parenting.  I don’t really care what it is, and I will not worry about what it will be like in the future.  Right now, I am enjoying my Connor.  He is really growing up and it’s happening right before my eyes.

Just for kicks…look at him!  Sweet little two and a half year old Connor.  Wasn’t he just this chubby, messy little toddler?

The other day, Camryn came running into the kitchen, showing off her underpants de jour, and bursting with excitement over the fact that she had peed in her potty again.  She has to tell each and every family member available the big news.  And she’ll repeat it until she gets the response she wants, which is all out excitement.  On this particular morning, only Connor and I were awake.  I, as the mother, have of course perfected the “yay cami!   you are such a big girl” squeal.  But I really wasn’t sure if Connor had it in him that morning.  Much to my surprise and delight, he joined right in with the exclamations and celebrations.  He even threw in a hug and a high five for good measure.  As Camryn ran off, happy as a lark, Connor leaned over to me and said in his most grown-up, matter-of-fact voice, “Mom.  That really isn’t all that impressive.”  I laughed, gave him a hug, and told him that he was right.  It really isn’t impressive in the grand scheme of things..  But it’s a big deal to Camryn, so we go along with it for her sake.  I was so very proud of him in that moment.  I still smile and laugh every time I think about that early morning scene.

I think year 8 is going to be a great year.

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  1. What a sweet boy!!!!!!
    And for the record, my boys are wild too. And I mean WILD. And all in all I think they’re really good kids (totally objectively speaking of course). But my friends with girls just don’t get it. Their sweet little girls sit quietly and play with dolls and have tea parties. My boys run around naked and screaming, leaving the neighbors wondering if there’s even a grown up at home…. Hmm. God has a funny sense of humor 🙂

  2. That’s a sweet story. You know my Daniel was super spirited too and has thankfully calmed down ALOT too. Now my 4 year old is another story. 🙂
    Enjoy 8!

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