cute as can be {Clear Lake Texas Baby Photogrpher}

You’ve seen Miss L on my blog before, back when she was 4 months old and again at Christmas when her whole family joined in for a mini session.  She just keeps on getting cuter and cuter!  It doesn’t get much better than an adorably chunky, happy 9 month old.  We started the photo shoot when she was fresh from her morning nap, and this was one of the very first pictures I snapped.  I knew right then that we were going to have a great time and come away with some happy and fun photos!

The whole family has these amazing blue eyes.  So beautiful.

This picture just makes me smile!  L is such a little ham.  She struck this pose and held it for quite awhile.  I could barely snap the picture because we were just cracking up.  L knows how to work the camera and make everyone smile, that’s for sure!

After some inside photos, an outfit change was in order so we could take a few outside in their backyard.  L continued to bring the happiness and the smiles.  She loved being outside!

After awhile, she did let her more serious side peek through for a bit.  Her cheeks…oh, her cheeks.  They are some of the most kissable I’ve seen! 

I left this photo shoot smiling, and I don’t think I stopped for the rest of the afternoon.  Babies definitely have that effect on people.  How lucky I am to have a job that makes me smile so very much.

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  1. Your skills just keep getting better and better! I love these! That third photo is ADORABLE!
    And I have to ask about the quilt in the first of course…handmade?

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